Thursday, November 11, 2010

for this week's Girl's Talk, the prompt is When you go shopping, what do you mostly get at the health and beauty section.

being the low-maintenance mum that i am, and having said goodbye to beauty products long before i even got pregnant, i hardly swing by this section of the mall except when i need to buy facial moisturizer, lotion or vitamin e (which i often times buy from the drugstore) or sometimes merely out of curiosity (read: to window shop!). i normally buy my stash of feminine hygiene products, including toilet paper,  from the groceries whenever i go there so it really leaves me no excuse to sashay down the health and beauty section!saves me a lot of time and effort that way though, imagine going from aisle to aisle with my 13-kilogram jared in my arms, it's just quite a feat and would take its toll on my arms and shoulders by the next 30 minutes!

okay, i know that health and beauty section is not really my fortè, i'd like to read yours then...just click on the GT badge to join and don't forget to link up...

happy shopping!


  1. agree here, i'd like to window-shop too on beauty aisle,curious of the 'in' products in the section...

  2. You must have really nice skin since you only need moisturizer, lotion and vitamin E for your skin. I'm not so lucky because I often have breakouts and discolorations, so I can't do without anti-acne and whitening stuff. Nakakatamad minsan (sometimes I wish I can just go to bed without having to mind my skin), but clear, even-toned skin makes a woman look clean and healthy, so I tell myself to invest in it.

    Thank you for dropping by for GT and leaving a comment! :)

  3. I don't shop often about it to sis. We still have stock at home. But I visit for the prices. If there's a sale, I'll but it.

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  4. Health and beauty products section? what's that?

    Kidding aside, I'm basically like you - but I still pass by this section to check on new things.. I always like toiletries, new scents, etc. I normall buy vitamins and facial wash or body lotion from these sections... the pamper-me things left in my mommy world. everything else? down the baul waiting to be opened again one day. LOL

  5. I buy Myra 400E. Me, too. I window shop a lot in the beauty and bar section. :)

    Droppin' for GT.

  6. i started using moisturizer when i turned 30, lol! that was the time i realized that i already need one, lol!

  7. i used to be a lazy ass too when we go to the grocery because my daughter refuses to be put down on the cart. but now that she loooves to ride in them, we can go back and forth all the grocery sections without hurting our back and arms! hee hee


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