Thursday, November 04, 2010

i've been meaning to join this bloghop for awhile now, but October came and went way too quickly i was not able to catch up on that month's topic, too bad.   it's actually way too easy, before the beginning of each month, beautyqueengene will post the GT Topic for the whole month and you simply have to make your post and link with her by the scheduled date...simple, ayt? for this month, here are the topics:

When you go shopping, what do you mostly get at the:

November 4 – grocery aisle
November 11 – health and beauty section
November 18 – housewares/home section
November 25 – accessories/apparel section

Grocery Aisle
the shopping routine is not complete without swinging by the groceries to buy stocks for the pantry as jared rides the grocery cart merrily (no photos though, have yet to upload one). my usual list includes:

For my baby
·         Diapers
·         wipes 
·         powder
·         lotion
·         shampoo
·         head to toe wash
·         Cycles

for myself
·         hygiene products
·         bath soap
·         Smart Parenting Magazine

for the kitchen
·         Yogurt
·         Fruits
·         Oatmeal and cereals
·         Milk for my baby and myself
·         Fruit juices
·         Chocolate drink
·         Sugar
·         Biscuits (am still on the hunt for the best biscuit for my baby, the items where I do my groceries are quite limited, any suggestions?)
·         Alcohol and tissue
·         Soaps, detergents and fabric conditioner
·         Chicken, pork or beef
·         Veggies like tomatoes, sayote, eggplant, etc.
·         Garlic and onion
·         Gardenia bread
·         Sandwich spread
·         Just a few junk foods and sweets as I am thriving to be a healthy eater
·         Candles
·         Ice cream (occasionally)
·         Hotdogs, tocino, ham, or bacon (very seldom as we are veering away from processed food!)
·         Eggs and cheese

now let me see your list!
cheers to the shopaholics in all of us!

for instructions on GT and whatnot hop on to beautyqueengene's blog or simply click the GT badge up there.


  1. sorry but what are cycles.. heheheh.. seems like a family's needs indeed.... dropping by for GT.
    mine is posted at Woman’s elan vital

  2. Whow! That is one long list.. When I shop alone, my grocery list is short. Mine is all about food, anyway. Hehe.. But when my Mom is with me, her list is longer than yours.. She even wrote down some things that we don't really need. Hihi. Though, I completely understand her. Our home as about 60km away from the city.. so it's a good thing to buy in bulk.

    Happy GT Thursday!! Hope you could drop by my blog, and drop a comment, too.. Salamat. =)

  3. interesting question. cycle is a laundry detergent made especially for kids aged 0 to 3 years old. it has no harmful additives so it's less worries to us mummies, definitely a must for every household with babies.

  4. is it my first time here? nice meeting you at Johnsons, my GTalkers sis..

    btw, grabbed your button too.. =)

  5. wow!! complete Sis!! ang mahal siguro ng bill mo!! nyahahaha

  6. infairness, and dami ng nakasulat sa list mo mare. ehehe :D
    mine is up here :

  7. i was about to ask what cycles was, too. LOL. we don't have them here in our country ;)

    on a side note, our fellow girl talkers are used to commenting in our native language sometimes, because original members were filipina. sorry. hee hee.

    welcome to GT darling!


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