Sunday, November 28, 2010

mommy moments: big things

humongous that he was, this mammoth of a bee brings such great joy to my son and he never loses his charm every single time...

i've already posted the other big thing i am supposed to be posting here (that picture of jared and santa) so i was stuck with this one..but on second thoughts i have a few versions of that picture so here's another one...

my entry to mommy up your entry here mommy moments



  1. jollibee is the winner this week.. and santa... is big! :D happy mommy moments!

  2. @melandria - thanks so much, i particularly liked this photo of my son too:)
    @charlotte's mom - thanks for your comment:)
    @chris - yup jollibee seems to have won the hearts of way too many kids, ayt? yup, he is big. a brit trainor of mine from my old job:)


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