Saturday, November 13, 2010

mommy moments - favorite color

mommy moments

blue, blue, blue and all its varying shades has been the color of my son's universe....practically everything he owns, from feeding bottles, shirts, shorts, bibs, blankets, toothbrush, spoon and fork and feeding bowls, towels, even his crib and stroller, is in different hues of blue...

we even painted the walls in blue and green and yep, even his favorite character is colored blue.
courtesy of google

so what is the color of your child's universe?hop on to this bloghop's site and tell us all about it


  1. oh he's so cute!!!:)
    so we have the same son's name :) mine is Ethan franz :) nice to meet you, i thinki its my first time here :) happy MM!

  2. wow. your little boy is so cute. mukhang malikot na din. doing my rounds for mommy moments :P

  3. so cute and huggable, I like the photo of you and your son at the top view of your blog.. Followed you too. Happy MM!

  4. love your post! :D blue is my favorite color too!


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