Sunday, November 21, 2010

mommy moments - so little!

now i've been having a hard time looking for pictures of my little one with little stuffs since, for safety purposes and my peace of mind i normally refrain from giving him little toys big enough to fit his mouth, you know, OC mums like me and the danger that is choking hazard don't go together. so i am posting his photos with what i consider his little things and some showing my little love...

several months old jared with little mr. snowman on his wrist

jared with his little book which doubles as a chew toy

and my so little one back then, cozy with santa on his first yuletide outing

my entry to mommy moments.
what's your baby's so little things?
link up with mommy moment by mommy chris here..mommy moments


  1. Oh so cute with SANTA :)

    You should have POOL party someday sis! its a nice idea for kids since they love to swim in the water :)

  2. i'd really love to when he is a little bit older and when typhoon stops coming by our country in august...:)

  3. kahit anong gawin natin, they will grow soon and fast, hehe. love your header sis, very precious photo :D thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

  4. i guess you're right sis, we cannot stop the inevitable..too bad!hehe..thanks for returning the favor..i'll be sure to drop by your blog every now and then:)

  5. we're both OC mom. i kept all small things inside the house when my kids were still young..

  6. cute Jared with Santa :) I agree, mommyhood makes us really OC. Until now that Sophie is already almost 4 I can't still buy her small things bec. Sam might accidentally swallow it.

  7. so cute! :D its understandable that you kept small things since your little one is still a baby..

    happy mommy moments! :D

  8. @nuts - better safe than sorry, right?:)

  9. @march on - thanks so much!yup, we cannot be careless if our babies' safety is at stake...thanks for the comment:)

  10. @chris - thanks, happy mommy moments:)

  11. @charlotte's mom - thanks ever so much, your baby is equally cute:)


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