Sunday, December 05, 2010

mommy moments: last christmas

mum and baby wearing red beside our old christmas tree
christmas morn opening present from mum and dad

i never enjoyed my first noche buena with my son last year, in fact i was not even home when this happened. i had to go to work (darn! yes, i used to belong to the call center industry where most holidays go by with you stuck up on your desk taking calls, half-wanting to cry and half-wanting to go home to your baby!) you see and i never went home until it was 2am i think, so i've totally missed it out. but made up for it the next day (i was on leave, thank goodness!) and spent the entire day with my son...

this was the first time we brought jared to the mall, he was only barely four months around that time.  and i remember him instantly delighted at the twinkle twinkle of the christmas lights adorning the mall's facade. 

picture, picture while waiting for everybody to get ready!
white christmas: beside the dept store christmas tree

a photo op with the red christmas tree this time just before the mall closes whilst jared was busy staring at the late shoppers milling around....

all in all it was a fun and memorable time all together. i bought jared some nice stuffs including his soft soccer ball (yep, cause i want to be a soccer mum when he grows up!). we took turns carrying him around (he was i think about 8 kilos at that time and carrying him around all day while walking around the mall is quite a daunting task).  this year we plan to go to enchanted kingdom and take loads of pictures (finally i was able to convince cel to hoard and take pictures, but i need to have some more luck in bel and ken's cases!) and i am very much excited. i plan to ride every little one which will allow jared on them...

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  1. nice photo with your baby jared....but its sad u have to work on chrismas eve...Do u still working at call center now sis?

  2. oh! that was sad.. that's why i didn't last long at the call center, lol! lovely pictures by the way..

  3. Oh so cute mommy moments! Christmas is here, so more mommy moments to come.

  4. hi, thanks for the visit. wow your baby is so handsome!

  5. thanks for the visit!! your baby looks so gwapo..

  6. thanks was really a very sad experience for a first time mum like me, i was miserable the time the clock signaled 12 midnight and wanted to go home if only i actually cemented by decision to be a stay at home mum, which i am now, thanks be to god!:)

  7. @kimmy - it is quite very sad actually...good for you!thanks sis, and thanks for dropping by:)

  8. @mrs. kolca - thanks so much sis, yup much more mommy moments this christmas season:)

  9. wow, thanks for the compliment and you have to say that in two different languages!i prefer gwapo, though:)

  10. well, i support you and salute you for making the decision to be a stay at home mom.. it might not be easy financially but definitely worth it... seeing your kids grow up and being able to instill the values you want them to learn is more important than any financial reward... :)


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