Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday Stealing: The Ace Meme.02

Cheers to all of us thieves!

34. HAVE YOU BEEN OUT OF YOUR HOME COUNTRY? not yet but plans to do so in the future.

food and babies.

37. FIRST JOB? cashier in a telecom shop

nope, but i used to get a lot of 'em.

i would love to believe so.

preparing milk for my baby + playing cafeworld.

yup, a c-section.

42. WHAT DO YOU GET COMPLIMENTED ABOUT MOST? that i have a good body shape, which is no longer applicable :(


44. WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY? a trip to boracay with my family.

45. HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU WANT AND WHAT DO YOU WANT THEIR NAMES TO BE?  (OR IF YOU HAVE KIDS, TELL US ABOUT THEM.) jared, my one and only son, is very talkative even if he's just mumbling unintelligible words most of the time, he wants to run around and loves to be tickled and sleep on mommy's chest at night.

46. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? yep, my papa said he named me after the wife of the world famous filipino bowler, paeng nepumuceno.


48. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU LIKED ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL? freedom and being carefree

49. WHAT KIND OF SHAMPOO DO YOU USE? pantene total care shampoo

50. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? sometimes, but most of the time i think it sucks!


52. ANY BAD HABITS? i sometimes tend to procrastinate and think negatively.

53. ARE YOU A JEALOUS PERSON? when it is appropriate.



56. DO LOOKS MATTER? maybe if you were applying to be a victoria secret's model:)

57. HOW DO YOU RELEASE ANGER? i take several deep breaths, or clean the bathroom.

58. WOULD YOU RATHER GAIN 58 POUNDS OR LOSE 58 POUNDS? lose them and asap!

59. WHAT'S YOUR MAIN GOAL IN LIFE? to live a full life!

60. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TOY AS A CHILD? will books count?


62. WERE YOU A FAN OF BARNEY AS A LITTLE KID? he was not yet existing when i was a child

63. DO YOU USE SARCASM? a lot!

64. MASHED POTATOES OR MACARONI AND CHEESE? can't take side, love 'em both:)

65. WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A LOVER? interesting conversations, spontaneous moments, affection.

66. WHAT ARE YOUR NICKNAMES? vix, vicky, vixie

67. FAVORITE SUPER POWER? teleporting

mommy moments: dear daddy

mommy moments

dear daddy,

i know that you are busy most of the time, having to work hard so i can continue to stay at home and look after our son. i appreciate all your efforts and i probably don't tell you often, but thank you for providing for us. we only hope we could spend more time with you.... and i must tell you, cause you ask me all the time, a lot of people are saying jared looks a lot more like you than me, + i concede☺!

we love you!


a book review - gray matter by david levy, md

I Review For The Tyndale Blog Network

i received this book from the mail a few days before Christmas, it took me awhile to post my review since childminding and Christmas and holiday preparations got in the way of my reading. 

“Highly respected neurosurgeon Dr. David Levy pens Gray Matter, sharing his personal stories of faith, forgiveness, and the power of prayer.
Gray Matter…the story of one doctor’s journey to combining medicine and faith. The book provides a refreshingly candid and revealing glimpse into the heart and mind of a neurosurgeon – those divinely fallible beings we sometimes expect to play God.”
                                                                                                                ~ Tyndale House Publishers Inc.

My two-cent’s worth:

Reading this book brought me back to several years ago, when I was addicted to the gripping and heart-stopping medical drama, e.r.! The excerpts from Dr. Gray’s session with his patients are much like watching an episode from my favorite t.v. show but with an interesting twist.  Dr. Gray, aside from treating his patients aneurysm with superb and almost perfect precision, also lends an ear to listen to these patients woes and sufferings, and surprisingly, say a pray for them after each consultation or right before an operation.  It was written in such a clear, conversation-like manner that reading it seemed more like having a chat with him over a cup of coffee. Now if I will be having a conversation with a neurosurgeon anytime soon, I’d consider that such a privilege.  A glimpse to the otherwise sterile world of probably the most sophisticated branch of medicine, which is neurosurgery, is quite a refreshing revelation and to learn that a doctor is intertwining his profession with his faith and would dare praying for a patient in front of his colleagues and patient’s family is such a pleasant surprise.  I for one would much appreciate it if my obgyne would’ve prayed for me and my baby’s safety before I was carted to the operating room for a c-section. And I will be relieved to know that my doctor does believe in God than to be playing God. And just to quote Dr. Gray:

“You may be looking to me for your outcome, because of my skills my confidence, and hopefully a glowing recommendation from other doctors, bit I am willing to admit before you and your family that I am not God. I am good at what I do, but ultimately, I cannot control the outcome of your surgery. Whether we like to admit it or not, no matter how simple or complex the case, my skills are not enough. We need God’s help, and I am not ashamed to ask for it.”

Reading it will leave you feeling lighthearted, with renewed faith in God, although it isn’t at all preachy and the hope that the next time you visit your doctor for an appointment he will close his eyes and say a prayer on your behalf. I give this book a prime spot in jared’s little corner, which is my equivalent to 5 stars. This is co-written by Joel Kilpatrick and shall be hitting the shelves on March, 2011.

I was not compensated for this post, Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or ARC for review purposes.

nope don't even try searching for that site cause it doesn't exist, i just recently coined it to celebrate my latest blogging milestones (they are milestones in my book, and i've included them in my 2011 blogging goal, which i have to make a separate post about!). check out my lovely nuffnang add down at my side bar, i've just recently discovered it and was quite elated to see that a nuffie is finally running on my blog (and didn't i tell you i am earning for it? well, it  wasn't that much and i think it would take me months or even a year to withdraw my very first nuffnang payment, but hey, it is a start, right?), hoorah! for that i offer my thanks to you, yes you my dear reader for visiting my humble blog, thanks ever so much:)

it is also noteworthy that my followers and e-mail subscribers will soon be reaching up to a hundred and i am just so thankful to everyone who follows, visit, reads and comments. thanks to you all!

and the most important milestone of all, i just recently got my new domain! yes, is now up and running. for this i have to say a big thank you to the domain angel and gracious mommy rubz of pinay mommy blogger for my new and  free (yes, you read that right!) .info domain. i couldn't thank you enough, mommy rubz!

and as if that is not enough, mommy rubz, who is also celebrating her Pinay Mommy Online's 3rd blog anniversary amongst a host of other stuffs worthy of celebration, is having a thanksgiving giveaway with loads of prizes at stake! and yeah, did i mention jared's little corner of the world is one of the sponsors? (yup, another milestone, you might say, ayt?) not to give you the wrong impression though, (no i wasn't earning yet from my blog, but hopes to be soon) but it is just my humble way of sharing my blessings too, remember i won this blog giveaway in november? as my thanksgiving i am sharing part of it (since it wasn't big enough to share with each and everyone of you!) to all my blogging friends.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

gt: life's resolution

i've made resolutions year after year, i've realized some and time and again broken quite a number of 'em too. i've written quite a few posts on it as well, in several blog memes i have joined. 

for this year i would like to basically live my life to the fullest, i want to stop and smell the flowers, enjoy every minute and every second that i am alive. take life as it is, celebrate it and revel in it. life is way too short and at the last stop of my journey i do not want to look back with way too many regrets thinking i should've read this book or tried learning how to scuba dive, or went to this place or that, or told my son i love him often enough. i would like that attitude to rub unto my son too, it will be my ultimate fulfillment as a mother to know that my child lives his life to the fullest.

specifically, i'd love to go out much and enjoy the sun. by going out i don't necessarily mean going to the mall or any place in particular (although i'd love to do that too!), taking a morning stroll with my son around the neighborhood will suffice. he marvels at the simple things: the bird flying by, the puppy running down the road, or the kids at play two doors down, and his favorite, the butterfly fluttering by.

i would also love to go back to my pre-motherhood passion, yoga (i used to do it on my own, learning from videos and the book, power yoga for dummies, but if given the chance i would love to attend this class 20 minutes away from our place)+ reading (i still read sometimes but not regularly, only when jared is taking a nap or playing on his own in his crib, and when i am not busy tinkering stuffs online!).

lastly, i would definitely like to finish all my unfinished tasks from last year, especially my son's first year scrapbook, so i can move on to my next project (like planning my baby's second birthday!yay!) 

so here's to an exciting 2011! cross our fingers for all our resolutions!


The straight library knocks the analogue.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

so much more than hot...

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

anyone who knows me will surely know of my infamous low tolerance for anything hot or spicy. i simply can not stand it, it stings my taste buds unnecessarily. the most i can venture into is a drizzle of hot sauce on my pizza slice and that's about it!

i particularly love TABASCO® Original Red and that every time we go to our favorite pizza place, a little bottle of it is usually on standby in the condiments' cart. i simply enjoy how it enhances the flavor of black olives, onions and pepperoni on my pizza, how the simple combination of salt, red pepper  and vinegar can have this uncanny ability to bring out the most in my food. it is truly not about heat for heat's sake. but this spice master does not only bring black olives to life, check Pizza Perfected for more delectale examples. 

some friends i know  would just put TABASCO® Original Red in practically everything they eat: mac + cheese, adobo or any filipino viand, or, yes even in their popcorns! daddy loves it on his burger and i know for sure that when jared grows up, he would enjoy it too! well probably we can start another  family tradition by then, a pizza party while enjoying the superbowl! hmm, i can't wait! that will be quite a while from now, but even so i'll check out  Game-Day Party Menu for interesting ideas.

Visit Sponsor's Site

weekend blog follower caravan 05

it's saturday once again, and time again for this favorite meme mummies. for this week's edition of weekend blog follower caravan, we will be subscribing to our fellow bloggers via email so make sure your subscription form's up on your side bar (check out this tutorial from fellow pinay mommy blogger, mommy kaye, for instructions) or better yet include it in your welcome post for easy access. and don't forget to confirm that subscription in your email to make it valid and leave a comment to let our friends know you are subscribing!

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mommy rubz (our gracious host) suggested you open a separate e-mail or compile all these subscription in a folder so you won't get lost or end up having a cluttered inbox  and leave your e-mail in this form "vixenp33atgmaildotcom" to ward of those nasty spammers! also don't forget to link up so your new e-mail subscribers will know exactly where to find you!

so are you ready yet? let the e-mail subscription caravan begins!

my little fuzzy eater

most of this bowl of rice krispies and milk ended up on the floor

feeding jared has never been a problem, well,  not until he started eating solids that is! 

when he was a little, tiny (err, he was never really tiny) baby, feeding him is easy-peasy. a 2-once bottle of milk will be gone by a minute and a half you'd wonder where it went. when he turned 6 months and had his first taste of baby food, my problem started! 

uncomfortable with the alien texture in his mouth, he would either choke on it, throw it all up and the food will either end up on the floor, or on mummy's clothes and face or worse, left lonely, untasted and untouched! sometimes feeding him can be quite frustrating, a dramatic episode off a soap opera, or plain and simple traumatic! who would not be traumatized seeing your baby's eyes bulge and redden as he choke on the food you lovingly prepared for him? it was sure one reason for mum to have a bad day.

i've consulted with his pedia and scan parenting magazines and online articles on tips on how to whet his appetite, i even consulted with other mum friends for advice and even give him appetite-enhancing baby vitamin hoping his love of food will develop.

so far, here's what i've done:

  • vary his food each meal so he will be accustomed to different kinds of taste and texture
  • make sure i tag him along when the family eats so he'll get the hang of it and probably be enticed to eat too
  • introduce different varieties of food to him like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and breads 
  • i even ordered these lovely pocoyo plate and bowl online thinking he will be inspired to eat knowing how much he adores pocoyo (am now thinking of buying these lovely terramoto ceramic blue polka dot dinnerware, maybe it would be inviting enough for him to finish his soup or veggies)
  • am brushing up on my cooking skills so i can prepare delicious meals for the little man, so far i've managed to cook ground beef with veggies and tomato sauce, some vegetable dishes because i want jared to be a healthy eater when he grows up. come to think of it maybe i must beef up the kitchen as well just to be prepared for the growing feeding need of my growing baby. maybe i should get that stove with propane grilling with bronze burners or that  #5 rubber stopper wine bottle (err, on second thought, i probably won't be needing this one yet!)
  • i make it a point to always serve his favorite, like i noticed he enjoys eating and he does eat a lot when he has soup, and he simply love yogurt and yogurt drink so i make sure i give him those regularly
so far it has been an on-and-off ball game, he would enjoy one meal and he can finish a bowl,  then he will find the next one uninteresting, just a spoon and he is done. i am discovering new ways and means to improve his solid food eating habits, he will be 17 months tomorrow, he ought to be consuming more solids and slowly weaning on milk, right?
any ideas mummies?

friday fill-ins 2011.04


it's a friday again, mummies time for one of my favorite blog memes, friday we go!

1. Up next is my article on vegetarian life.

2.  due to the bus explosion in makati recently and news on accidents here and there, fear and dread are the emotions going around.

3. Coats and scarves, mittens and boots: swimwear and bikinis, henna tattoos and flipflops.

4. i really need a nice back rub.

5. I'm thinking about ways on how to monetize my blog.

6. i really would love to be in sm megamall later for the grand baby company fair.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to just having a lazy friday night whilst watching my son's favorite pocoyo video, tomorrow my plans include going to an eye doctor to have this nasty splinter lodged in my eye out and Sunday, I want to just chill and visit the neighbor's monkey with jared!
simply click on this badge to link up, happy weekends everyone!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

girard's premium dressing giveaway

a fellow pinay mommy blogger, ACmomCee, is currently having a giveaway on her happy home working blog. you can win these delectable girard's premium dressing (four flavors) for u.s. residents or paypal cash worth $20 dollars for international participants (like moi!). 

joining is easy enough all you have to do is follow several mandatory requirements and you can be on your way to being $20 richer by February 05. 

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goodluck everyone :) 

hongkong disneyland 5th celebration promo

in line with hongkong disneyland's 5th year anniversary, they are having a giveaway where you have a chance to win 2 tickets for free!

simply visit hongkong disneyland for more details...

enchanting kristmas!

where are we going? enchanted kingdom!
for christmas 2010 we decided to start a new family tradition of spending christmas day out and agreed to go to enchanted kingdom for our starters. we will be going with our cousin, dennis (jared's godfather).

we woke up surprisingly early on the morning of 25th (considering we slept a bit late because of noche buena the night before). but even so, we were still late for the agreed departure time, what with preparations and all, and adding the hassle that is commuting on the biggest holiday of the year (which i do not want to relive here) to the fray! to cut the story short, we arrived in laguna a little before 4pm, dazed, frazzled, worn out and in my case, famished (i do not know what is with me and eating this days, i eat like an avid - maybe i'll write a separate post on this)!

as expected, the theme park is packed today, with all the families taking advantage of the holidays from work and the off time from schools or the ex-pat aunt/uncle arriving from the states after so many years. needless to say, the day was spent plowing through lines upon lines since the moment we sent foot outside the park's entrance.

with tita cecille

the theme park experience

for the entrance fee, i was contemplating on getting either a regular day pass (at P500 holiday rate, ride-all-you-can ticket) or the carousel special (at P150, includes free admission to the park grounds and unlimited access to the Grand Carousel, Bumbling Boulders, and Boulderville Express) since i will only be riding the ones where jared are allowed. they also have a junior day pass for chidlren 36-47 inches tall (at P320, with unlimited rides to all of the park's ride). i decided on getting a ride-all-you-can tab in the end, and thought of passing jared to one my siblings when i feel the urge to ride the space shuttle perhaps:)
the enchanted kingdom marquee, with cuz, nok
jared + mum with the moon man
first destination for a mum with a baby whose been out for almost 6 hours now is the loo for the much needed diaper change and i was much relieved to find no long lines in the bathroom. the downside though is that they do not have these portable diaper changing pads (like the ones in malls) and i had to lay jared on the marble-topped counter which, of course, he despised that i have to change his diaper while he stands, quite a daunting job if you ask me!

now getting into the rides are probably the most time-and-energy-consuming task of the day, not to mention frustrating and irritating. apart from the very long queues, some rides even require you to pile up for an hour or two to take your turn. now imagine standing in a queue for an hour with a 14-kilo baby in your arms! i know right?!

the first in our itinerary is the grand carousel, which turned out to be one of the too few rides we were able enjoy. i was wondering if jared will enjoy this horsey ride. he's had his first carousel ride not long ago and he had a grand time so i was betting he will enjoy it this time around. bu i think my little man was a little exhausted from the long journey and is stressed with all the noise, people and activities around him, that mid-way through the ride he was dismounting his horsey and i struggled to keep him still and we were the first to leave once the ride halted.

the next ride we queued for, with tito ken in tow, is the swan lake. kids have to be 33inches above to be allowed to ride, and jared easily passed that requirement. it will take us 1 hour to get to the start of the line, so says the sign at the beginning of the queue. because i really loved for jared to ride this, he will be delighted by the floating giant swan in the lake am sure, we waited for our turn, albeit impatient, only to find out, and much to our dismay we only found out when it was our turn to ride, that i can't put jared on my lap while we ride, that he has to be sitting in between myself and my brother. i really had reservations about it, see my son is very young to be sitting on his own, strapped or not! and to think we will be sailing across the water while he's doing it just simply made me decide against it instantly.  so yeah, that is one our off our expedition wasted! it's only a good thing that while we were in line, fire eaters/dancers performed very near the place and we got a great view!

the dinosaur egg ride

the last of the rides we've managed to enjoy is this dinosaur eggs ride, but i think jared's a little overwhelmed by the size of this kiddie ferriswheel, he wanted to undo his seatbelt halfway! maybe i should wait a little while longer before we will be riding again.... so we just stroll around after that and took some photos..

 i also tried my hand at some games too and managed to score a little blue crayon from a P50-dart game and little doggie stuff toys for a P50-ring-toss game.

being on my toes for almost 8 hours makes me really hungry, it always does! as i realized it now, i ate three times while in the park, first when we just arrived, before we started riding anything i asked them that we eat  because i was really hungry..all in all, i ate a hotdog sandwich + a large cup of iced tea, 2 slices of pizza and a bottle of mineral water, and dinner comprised of 1 cup of rice, a stick of pork barbeque and a bowl of soup plus a large glass of iced tea! i spent about P700 on my meals alone! enormous appetite right? if you have the same appetite i suggest you bring a few extra moolah, food here don't come cheap. some people would  actually bring snacks and packed lunch and will opt to eat in their cars instead. 
tita isabel and the ferriswheel

and since i can't join the other adults in the other rides like the space shuttle, the ferriswheel (which i've managed to ride with ken, right before the park closes, same with anchor's away!), the flying fiesta (which is my favorite ride aside from the grand carousel) i just ambled through the park with my son and checked out the souvenir shops. i was careful not to splurge since i might end up buying stuffs i won't be needing which is really way to bad for my budget. i bought a strawed tumbler for jared (which he personally chose) and a cute purple neck strap for my brand new digicam. my only regret is that i forgot i will be seeing my friends the day after and was not able to buy them any mementos from the place. too bad, really!
enjoying a downtime with tito ninong dennis
we took photos from all over the place and saw the fireworks (which i think jumpstarted jared's fascination of fireworks altogether) too!

we didn't leave until the theme park closed and i must say it was a worthwhile experience, tiring yet utterly enjoyable, i know even my son enjoyed it and for that i gave it my two thumbs up!  it is something we all love to do again, in fact my sisters are requesting we go back on jared's birthday. hmm.. i guess am gonna have to think about it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mommy mondays 01

you must realize by now how much i love joining blog memes and am so excited to have found another one, i discovered this new one whilst browsing through my favorite blogs and found this posted on mommy chris', so even if am a day's late, am joining mommy mondays by my adventures in mommyland.

if you'd like to join simply head  to her site, quick while the linky is still open. you can even join her lovely blog design giveaway while you're at it!

meeting other mummy bloggers and linking up with them is  so much fun. enjoy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

music monday - So Beautiful by Darren Hayes of Savage Garden

my entry to this week's 

savage garden is one of my all-time favorite bands and darren hayes (when he was the object of my sister's desire or even when he openly admitted he is gay and married his boyfriend of two years), in my opinion, is simply one of the most beautiful persons around...amazing lyrics, it always floored me to listen to his songs and he just feels too much, which is very evident in every song he writes and sings...

this song is just one of my favorites from him (you can only imagine how hard it is too choose, i have way too many favorites!haha!) i hope you like it too..enjoy!

note: thanks google for the photos and youtube for the video - i love my family!

just a head's up mummies, this event will be moved to february 06 from its original schedule of february 13, so update those organizers and don't be left out..freebies are up for grabs for the first 100 attendees!

who:  dear ParenTIN members
what: I Love My Family!
when: February 13, 2011, 2-6pm
where:  Podium Mall

and in line with the activities on this special day, there is a pre-event online contest that could qualify three lucky mummies for a total makeover during the event. for the mechanics, to learn more about the event or to become a member, do visit

see you there:)

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