Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mommy mondays 01

you must realize by now how much i love joining blog memes and am so excited to have found another one, i discovered this new one whilst browsing through my favorite blogs and found this posted on mommy chris', so even if am a day's late, am joining mommy mondays by my adventures in mommyland.

if you'd like to join simply head  to her site, quick while the linky is still open. you can even join her lovely blog design giveaway while you're at it!

meeting other mummy bloggers and linking up with them is  so much fun. enjoy!


  1. Hi Thanks for posting! I'm now following you back :) Good luck on the giveaway.


  2. I love this meme too but I always forgot to make my own post about this. I love to share what is happening with me and Elijah. It makes me proud. :) I promise to join next week. haha!

    Pinay Mama

  3. I love joining memes as well and I'm actually hosting one, but it's not a mommy meme, but a food pic meme, hopefully,maka join ka rin, it's called The Bloggers Exchange and make sure to update your badge link to our Official Blog Site. Thanks!

  4. @phoebe - it does make us mummies proud to post on the latest with our babies, right?:)

  5. @willa - i made a post about it a few weeks back, just forgot to place the badge on my sidebar..there, i've placed it finally and filled up your form too, looking forward to participating in the bloggers exchange:)


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