Monday, January 17, 2011

music monday: How I Go by Yellowcard

this is one of my most favorite songs, it reminded me so much of my father, for whatever reasons i don't know. it floored me the first time i hear it and it never fails to reduce me to tears whenever i listen to it...i even play it as lullabye to my son when he was still in my womb...

happy music monday everyone:)


  1. a nice song indeed! thanks for sharing, sis! god bless!

  2. i love the song too!

    thanks for the visit in my blog :)

  3. Cool. This one totally floored me too :) I listen to it 3 times before commenting. Simply awesome.

    Piano, Guitar, Grand Strings and a marching beat. Awesome. Awesome lyrics. Awesome arrangements. Awesome Song!!

    Thanks for sharing. Happy MM!

  4. thanks everyone for your lovely comments:)


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