Monday, February 28, 2011

of winning an ipod touch + some amazing tilteed tees!

summer is almost upon us evident by the sweltering heat we are all experiencing when the sun is ablaze in the afternoons. this shirt best represents how i feel, of longing for the beach + sea creatures, of kicking my flip flops and burying my tired feet into the warm white sand, it's purple haze reminds me of wild summer flowers + fun summer atmosphere, of mindoro slings, green mango shakes + delicious grilled squid stuffed with whole tomatoes + onions. sigh..i'd like to go on a vacation! or maybe i can just check these awesome Art T-Shirts to pass my time away....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

pink friday: pink skirt

for this week's pink friday, here's a photo of me in my pink, checkered skirt when we went to the island paradise of coco beach many summers ago ( and many pounds ago!lol!). this was taken in our native, scenic cottage in the lovely, fit-for-a-princess bed. 
 this one's taken later that day with my former teammates: tom + kate...
this last photo was with our mummy vikki...i terribly miss her + her lovely british accent.

i simply had a blast during our two-day stay in coco beach and visiting there any time soon is something i'd really love to do, especially now that summer is just around the corner....
got any pink stuff to share?join us and pinkify your friday (err in my case, my sunday since this is a late posting!)

baby blast 2

 you are cordially invited!

what: baby blast 2 - fun learning continues
where: trinoma activity center
when: 05 march 2011
time: 10am - 8pm
what's in store for you and your baby:
free admission
goodies and free baby pampering for the first 100 pre-registered participants
talks on early headstart
books, toys + art fair
fun ideas for summer
contest for the whole family
booths + fun activities
exciting prizes

simply head on to the baby blast official fanpage on facebook for details on the event or, better yet, visit the contest page, and don't forget to mention i referred you, if in case you decided to join, ayt? thanks + see you all there!

gt: lovefool

before anything else, i would just like to mention that i was struggling to write about this month's gt topics and was contemplating on skipping the last ones altogether. but this cutie of a badge changed my mind. i want to feature it on my blog so i just have to write about this. haha! kudos to sis kaye for another job well done!
now on with the topic at hand: what we're willing to do (for love)

love fool, yes i am, hands down. and most of my friends will agree. most of them are baffled with my decisions on love (details of which i'd rather not discuss here) and would all concede that "pde na natin ipagpatayo ng monumento si vix", to which i do not have a counter-argument. i guess it would all boil down to the well-worn adage (or is it excuse?) "nagmahal lang kasi ako". and i think that's what really happens. i fell in love for the first time (of course, the love i felt for brandon boyd is not counted, what was i thinking?!) + was blown away. and you can list down all the things you would do for love + i might've done 'em all. i'll just spare you with the gory details though. but yes, i must say, in more that half a decade that i was in love, i have done quite a number of things for the sake of love.what else i can do for it remains to be seen..

love like it's the first like you've never been hurt..after all, you've never fully lived until you truly learned how to love...
gaah, i'm so relieved that the love topics are over (it's making my teeth ache!),  now on with the ones for march, please...

join us for a cupful of girl conversations, simply click on that lovely badge for more details...

nice chattin' with you, til next time!

Saturday 9: Monday, Monday

1. How does your day usually go on Monday? mostly it is very laid back because we normally just stay at home on mondays, but other times it's hectic since we have to wake up early and i have to finish some chores (e.g. washing feeding bottles, etc) before leaving the house.

2. Who was the last band you saw live? if my memory serves me right, it has to be either lifehouse or vertical horizon

3. When was the last time you purchased something over $50? 2 weeks ago

4. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable? not if i am talking to someone very close or familiar to me

5. Do you wish you were someplace else right now? i'll never want to be anywhere else.

6. Tell us about the last wedding that you attended. it was eons ago when i last attended a wedding, it was a garden wedding of my office mate

7. What's annoying you right now? my son's nasty colds, i wish i can just shoo it away!

8. What is your best skill/ability? Why?i guess it has to be my speed typing skill, i can type 45 words per minute the last time i checked.

9. If someone asked a friend of yours, "Hey, what is one thing your friend is exceptional at?", what would they say about you? Why? probably my friend would boast about me being a green mama, i strive to be organic + would love to use all-natural products if it was ever possible, so there..

Saturday, February 26, 2011

friday fill-ins 2011.08

 1. Ooooh, I just love the feel of waking up in the morning, snuggled in my baby's warm embrace.

2. it's way too cold in the morning again, I can't stand it!

3. How the heck did I end up with so many backlogs in my blog.

4. Puerto Galera is one of my favorite places to visit.

5. I'm not a sloth, I'm not!

6. if a lot of people are going crazy over online jobs, it has to be good.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to turning in early as i need to catch up on those zzzzz, tomorrow my plans include having a trip to the grocers to buy milk for my son and Sunday, I want to be lazy and do nothing (but blog maybe)!

Friday, February 25, 2011

product review: safety first press 'n pull plug protectors

saw this item from the display rack of the baby's section in landmark, trinoma while i was shopping for my son's baby items in january. with my toddler beginning to be curious of his surroundings and starting the habit of approaching and touching a socket whenever he sees one, this will come in handy to prevent accidents in the future. so without a second thought, got one from the shelf and placed it in my shopping basket.
how it works:
  • simply insert the plug protector into unused socket. the plug protector will fit firmly in place
  • to remove button, simply press in on the button + pull out of the socket
my two-cent's worth:
for Php139.75 for a pack of 25 pieces, i'll say it's worth all the money considering the peace of mind this product will give us all mommies. i've placed a few on the unused plugs here in our room and on those other sockets visible and reachable by my tot. i'll say go and grab one for yourselves and save yourself the unnecessary worries. and mind you, it is also an effective reminder to a sister who constantly forgets to unplug her appliances when she left her room *wink*
note: i was not compensated, either monetary or otherwise, in posting this. i am simply doing a product review in the hope of helping other mummies out there in their never-ending quests to find and discover amazing and effective baby products.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

skin care 101

this is my limited yet simple + effective skin care arsenal:

  1. eau thermale avene creme - i develop this skin allergy, dry, flaky, reddish + itchy spot on my chin december of 2008 right before i found out i was pregnant. it was like i've grown a red beard all of a sudden, very unsightly if you would ask me, not to mention uncomfortable.i was treating it with anti-fungal topical cream but had to stop in fear of the side effects it might have on my pregnancy. i went to the derma last year and found out that this skin irritation was due to my bad habit of always rubbing my lips together and brushing it with my tongue every so often. she said our saliva is acidic and is causing the skin condition i was having. she prescribed this skin recovery cream from france + have been using it from then on. 
  2. human ♥ nature hand + foot salve - my hands + feet are always dry. being a mum to a toddler, my hands are always wet due to constant washing of feeding bottles, doing baby laundry, bathing the baby and a host of other water-related activities that motherhood entails. as i was a mum too, whenever i go out with my son i make sure i was in my most comfortable foot gear, that's why i always go about it my flip flops to prevent those nasty foot ache + callouses. thus, having read about this product from smart parenting mag was a godsend. i  went out to buy a tub so i can try it (will write a separate post on it). i was meaning to buy the strawberry variant but when i got to the store they only had the banana/carrot/bee propolis variant. i bought it anyway + i must say it is pretty effective + smells good too.
  3. clean + clear oil-free moisturizer - when i got pregnant i was too wary of the side effects cosmetic products might have on my baby so i literally stopped using anything on my face, except for this one. i use it to prevent my facial skin drying + as a skin protection from uv rays whenever i go out.
  4. victoria secret's garden honey suckle belle lotion - i use this luscious body lotion after i take a bath + before i went to bed to prevent further skin drying. love its sweet smell as well.
  5. lastly, nothing really beats good hygiene, even if you put a concoction of cosmetics on your face but is not clean enough + healthy enough, it will show on your skin, so to keep mine as healthy as it can be, i drink loads of water, wash it twice a day (in the morning + at night before i turn in) and munch on those greens + veggies.
so, what are your skin care regimen? if you have an answer, post it + join:

and you can be a proud winner of any of the following lovely prizes:

1 winner gets a beautiful Avon necklace
1 winner gets a Php.1,000 YGC gift certificate (beauty certificate)
1 winner gets a Php. 500.00 Bayo Certificate
view the contest page for details + more info. this contest runs till March 15. winners to be drawn via

of raising a bookworm in the making...

i simply love reading and i was wishing this would rub off to my son and he'd grow up to be a book lover as well. apart from following mum's footsteps, here are a few of the benefits jared will get from reading:

  • develops a good vocabulary 
  • helps build spelling skills when he is already in school
  • encourages him to hopefully write his own stories later on 
  • encourages creativity + curiosity
  • builds empathy
  • helps build critical thinking + character later on in life
and these are the steps i'd like to take to keep my son hooked:
  • pique his interest. before he was even born i've bought a couple of kiddie books which i think he might find interesting. jared started out his appreciation by looking at the books while i read to him when he was very little, chewing at the ends of a book while he was teething (even if i bough him a soft book which doubles as a chew toy!), with another book ending up all tattered with all the pages torn when he learned using his pincer grasp, to looking + laughing at the pictures of one of his dinosaur books, to taking his book from his toy bin + mumbling whilst holding it (as if pretending to read it!)
  • be a role model. i am walking the talk, so to speak, and my son would always catch me reading a book or a magazine whenever i get the chance ( i was reading to him way before he can appreciate it, heck i was reading to him aloud every night when he was still in my tummy!). soon enough, he was imitating me + could not wait to get his hands on whatever it is i am reading.
  • leave reading materials around the room. i simply love books + it is tantamount to saying i have books everywhere. + i let jared touch them and look at them, i even make sure he holds a book right side up so he'll begin to get the hang of it. i also placed his books where he can easily retrieve them whenever the reading drive kicks in.
    so how do you plan to raise a book lover?

    Tuesday, February 22, 2011

    of looking back to the week that was...

    a great week ahead of us all mummies and apologies for my belated greeting (i know i'm deciding against my feeble attempt for a plausible excuse)

    last week went out smoothly this corner of the world.
    on monday, i've finally placed the wall decals that my friend gave me in our room and jared instantly liked it. it was a wall sticker with two lovely blue birds with leaves and flowers. i just started slapping the flowers everywhere + placed the two birds near the bed, much like a sticker headboard, i was done when i noticed the instruction guide on the piece of paper in the wrapping. heck, i like the birds perched as our headboard better! (will post a pic of it later)

    we went out to buy groceries and stopped by razon's for a palatable treat, was not able to eat my fave halo-halo though since i was full by the time i finish my palabok + fresh lumpia. yes, i can recall it was a valentine's monday but we never really celebrated valentine's as a couple. maybe if jared is a little bigger we can start our own tradition of giving-mommy-flowers-on-valentine's!

    the mid-week quickly went by with house chores on my plate, i planned to finish everything before friday comes, since we agreed to take jared out by then for his long-overdue baby's day out. you'll probably also notice that i have only too few posts over the week, pardon me. it was just me catching up on my zzzzzz + catching up on my reading. a good blogger friend of mine, vance, gave me a copy of dan brown's the lost symbol + i've currently lost myself following the exploits of my favorite symbologist, robert langdon, in washington d.c. to uncover the centuries-old masonic secret. i have 200-more pages to go so i'll probably finish that later today. you see reading is my passion, aside from blogging which has quickly been turning into one, too. and nothing excites me more than the smell of books, old  + new, + the infinite possibility a good book presented! i am a child again lost in my first fairytale book.
    jared contemplates on climbing this slide
    the much-awaited baby's day out took place, finally, on friday. i bought an activefun unlimited voucher for half its original price from ensogo a few weeks (or is it months, can't actually recall!haha!) back and glad we are finally using it. i was so looking forward to playing there with my son. the play day turned out beautifully well, jared enjoyed it tremendously. we played for two hours and had loads of fun.

    on sunday, i was suppose to attend mommy blogger joy's first anniversary party + i was so excited about that, but much to my regret, i had to cancel last minute since no one is available to babysit my little tot for me, see i need to get up way too early to beat the 8am call time + waking jared up that early so he can come with me is just an option i really do not consider. so maybe next time...

    later that day, we just went out, with jared, cel, bel (who, by the way, will be unveiling her new blog soon + am so excited about it too - finally my cajoling and convincing worked!) + my nephew sean, and trooped to  walter mart after visiting my parents' grave. i need a replenishment of jared's milk + distilled water. we had kfc bucket meal for dinner.and i simply can't forget what my soon-to-be-five nephew said to my sister cel.
    tita, kuha ka pa kanin, gusto ko pa! (tita, get more rice, i want some more!)
    he said that matter-of-factly, as if kfc's kitchen is our very own kitchen!  kids, don't they just say the cutest things?!

    and of course, another reason that never failed to make up my wonderful week, my blog and blogging in general, it never fails to bring a smile on my face whenever i see a new comment on my post, or found a new follower/subscriber. thanks to you all for making my day!

    so how did your week go?join us in whatta wonderful week bloghop and let's all look forward to another wonderful week ahead!

    Sunday Stealing: The Very Late Meme

    Cheers to all of us thieves!

    1. Make a list of 5 things that you can see without getting up: the desktop, jared's crib, my new dan brown book, mobile phone, baby's feeding essentials

    2. How do you style your hair? always up in a bun so as not to get in the way with my childminding duties

    3. What are you wearing now? my oversized nightt shirt + pajamas

    4. What's your occupation? s-a-h-m!

    5. What do you hear right now? the humming of the electric fan + the soft, white noise of my overworked desktop

    6. Who was the last person you hugged? jared

    7. What is/was for dinner? everything's still up in the air

    8. What did you do today? i'm just starting my day + since i finished my laundry yesterday it will be one restful day ahead, probably will just play with my son + watch videos

    9. Dog person or cat person? dog person

    10. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to? i've always fancied being named samantha,i think it's a very feminine name

    11. What was the last thing that you bought? a 1.6-kilogram can of my son's milk

    12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go? boracay and spend the whole summer there with my son

    13. Where do you see yourself in five years? in a house of my own not far from home, maintaining several blogs at the same time, sending my son to pre-school + being a totally soccer mum! or maybe i am a hundred miles from here, reveling in the grandeur of ancient + royalty, who knows *wink*

    14. Where's your birthmark? just before the end of my right collarbone is my big, protruding mole

    15. What are you doing this weekend? spending the days at home with my son

    16. Which book are you reading at the moment? the lost symbol by dan brown

    17. The last movie you've seen? i am really way behind with movies, the last i saw was 500 days of summer

    photo source

    18. What are you doing tomorrow? will still be childminding + housekeeping + trying ways to earn thru blogging.

    Monday, February 21, 2011

    music monday: runaway train (Official Music Video) by brandon boyd

    you probably have noticed by now how gaga i was over (and still am, only a bit toned down!) brandon boyd, dropping references about him on this humble blog here + there, even posting my letter for him once. he's actually my inspiration to sort of circumvent the tides in my life + channel negative thoughts + energies to positive ones, and the effect has made a profound change in my life since then. in that i am ever grateful to him.
    “I'll make music, whether or not anyone is listening, for the rest of my life. It's a natural form of expression for me, the same way I draw and write and sing.”
    brandon cornelius boyd, frontman/vocals/percussion of my all-time fave band, incubus, was born on february 16, 1976. yes, he celebrated his 35th just a few days back (so this is a sort of belated birthday greeting post☺) and just came out with his solo efforts, the wild trapeze, july of 2010. one of my faves from that album is this song, runaway train (lyrics here). the album, as expected will remind you so much of his band and will make you long for a new incubus album even more. but the boys are currently working on that so hold on to your seats and let us all wait in anticipation.
    the would-be inspiration for my son's name (photo source)
    did i tell you i was really bent on naming my son brandon? yep, only his dad opted out of it so i chose another first name to go with jared and came up with his lovely name now. but, i still consider naming my firstborn brandon would've been utterly cool, sigh!

    this is my entry to this week's

    Sunday, February 20, 2011

    of passions + voracious reading

    Read the Printed Word!
    i have always been a voracious reader, from the sweet beautiful fairy tales to sweet valley high, from my favorite precious pages tagalog romance novels by martha cecilia (which by the way recently had a very disappointing boob tube adaptation - i'll write about that on a separate post!) to shakespeare and other classic greats like george orwell and charles dickens, from the heart-stopping thriller of sidney sheldon to the mind-bending suspense novels of dan brown, from the poetry in prose by paolo coelho to mitch albom's tearjerker, from the girlie chic lits of sophie kinsella to the bloody vampire tales of stephenie meyer to my all-time favorites by jk rowling, and now to smart parenting magazines and other parenting-related handbooks, i have read them all. i remember those days when i would stay up till 5 am just so i can finish a new paperback or those days when i'd be rattling excitedly to my friends as we discuss our new favorite novels.
    Read the Printed Word!

    today, although my passion has to take the backseat to give way to my new found one - motherhood + my baby, ethan jared, i try to have some pocket me-times so i can read a novel. i try to finish a book per month at least or if i get luckier maybe even more. i'm currently reading dan brown's the lost symbol and as usual, it is another nerve-wracking, unputdownable read.i am now on page 472 of this 671-page blockbuster and i can't wait to finish it, only to feel a little lonely in the end, hoping i can read some more. weird, right?

    how about you, what are your passions, answer that and join:

    1 winner of  $ 60 Paypal Money
    1 winner of  $ 30 Paypal Money
    1 winner of  $ 20 Paypal Money
    1 winner of 500 MB w/ Cpanel Access/Ftp/5 email
    plus domain name  (.com or .net)
    1 winner of Domain and Hosting

    pink friday 03

    woot, pink friday once again, and for this week's entry , i have this photo of me (with my beautiful son) wearing my "be proud" pink shirt during jared's friday play day (that explains why i am posting this entry late☺!) and yes, as you noticed, beside me was a pink + blue octopus chair.

    if you want to join us every friday, here is the dealio (straight from the pink thoughts' site, the host of this very pinky blog meme):
    All you need to do is post a picture of anything “pink”! Whether it’s your own or other people’s work (please mention photo credits if it doesn’t belong to you), as long as its pink. It can be a pink gadget, a pink dress, your pink lips, a pink image you love, as long as “pink” is the dominant color of your entry.
    How to play Pink Fridays?
    1. Post your pink photo entry with a Pink Fridays badge/banner on top of it. You can spice your post a little by posting a description of your photo. Make sure it’s linked to Pink Thoughts. Use badges HERE.
    2. Submit your pink post to the latest “Pink Fridays” post here using Mr. Linky and leave a comment.
    3. Visit other entries and leave a comment inviting them to your entry too.
    4. Place a “Pink Fridays” badge/banner/chicklet at your sidebar.
    5. Play at least twice a month to be included at the “Pink Fridays” Blogroll.
    so what are you waiting for?rummage those digital album of yours and search for a pink photo to have a very pink friday!cheers!

    friday fill-ins 2011.07


    i was out most of friday so i was posting this belatedly.... we go!

    1. New experiences and possibilities are up in the air.

    2. the missing monkey on its usual perch was an unexpected turn on a daily walk in the morning.

    3. I'm looking forward to a restful weekend with my son.

    4. blogging has opened a whole lot of opportunities i never have imagined.

    5. Try to find one thing that excites you + ignites your passion.

    6. my son, ethan jared is what's extraordinary about me.

    7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to lots of sleep as we're quite tired after a friday play day, tomorrow my plans include relaxing at home and Sunday, I want to go out to enjoy the sun!

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    blogging my way through sahmihood

    i have only been a blogger for almost 7 months now and i would consider myself a novice in all this blogging business. there is just way too many things to learn as i go along. i've originally started my blog to chronicle my son's very first birthday and eventually post a tip or a pointer or two to be of help to other mummies out there struggling to throw a simple yet memorable first birthday bash for their kiddos!
    and then my blogging seem to have taken a life of its own, it wasn't merely an online journal of my motherhood journey, but has pushed me to different directions and opened up a whole new horizon for me. i now see it as:

    • an opportunity to connect with other stay-at-home mums out there, may it be online (through pmb) or in person through mommy bloggers' events i attended
    • an outlet for my frustrations when all this mum-staying-at-home business is not working out exactly the way i want it
    • a source of a much needed adult conversation, when my constant companion, my baby, has yet to go beyond the monosyllabic exchange
    • as an opportunity to earn so i can continue staying at home to prioritize my son
    • as an avenue to meet potential lifelong friends
    • a chronicle of my own, personal continuing education about life in general
    • as another form of self-expression in this digital world
    writing is a form of personal freedom. it frees us from the mass identity we see in the making around us. in the end, writers will write not be outlaw heroes of some underculture but mainly to save themselves, to survive as individuals.
     don delillo
    i have decided to make blogging my other profession and, in turn, jotted the following goals for me to achieve this year:
    • have my own domain (i have a new .info domain, much thanks to the domain angel!)
    • have my own web-hosting (check, courtesy of 888host!) (so, someone will be busy in a few weeks time transferring to my own web-hosting under my own domain name, yay!)
    • have my first 100 followers (which i've accomplished a few weeks back, so that is another reason to celebrate!), and counting down the next 100!
    • monetize my blog (i've currently signed up with paid-to-post site, hopefully my blog will be approved and start earning soon)
    • and drive traffic to my blogs via blog memes and blog hops, and ultimately, making quality, entertaining, and hopefully slightly intelligent posts my readers will like and relate to☺)

    i realized staying at home to focus on my childminding duties need not be boring, i do it the coolest way i can - i blog!

    so, what are your blogging plans for this year? answer that and you might just win yourself any of the following prizes, through extrabloganza contest:
    • 1st prize: Php10,000 + domain + ad spot for 3 months
    • 2nd prize:Php  6,000 + ad sport for 2 months
    • 3rd prize:Php   4,000 + ad sport for a month ExtraBLOGanza Contest

    much thanks to the following sponsors for making this giveaway possible:
    contest ends on february 28 and winners will be announced on march 31st, 2011. 

        Thursday, February 17, 2011

        recording baby milestones with digital voice recorder?

        realized how our babies grew up way too fast? in the blink of an eye, it seemed, my little bundle of joy turned from infantile to a toddler and i was wondering where have all the time gone? From being a baby who can do nothing more than consume 2 ounces of milk every 2 hours, shake his head from left to right or giggle much to our heart’s delight, he is now up on his feet, running about and is all over the place that I was having a hard time keeping up. His vocabulary also improved from the occasional whimper to full blown wails, to his first “mama” and now to endless unintelligible babbles I was baffled to decipher and decode, but nevertheless, always bring me a certain surge of joy and delight. He would even sometimes break into a song of his own words + melodies.

        It is true, what they usually say, “they will not be babies forever” and we ought to savor each and every moment and opportunity that we have. Now it seemed I was pressed for time to document every little change that occurs, to jot down the list of all his accomplishments in a month, and, if possible, to record every babbling he made.  How I wish I can have a mini voice recorder, the ones with VOR recording (voice operated recording), a long time recording of up to 260 hours (imagine 260 hours of jared’s songs and gibberish and constant pleas of ’mama” – bliss!) and would instantly activate when a sound is present. That way none of jared’s litanies would be left unrecorded. maybe i should check out record your life inc. and see if there is something that fits my meager budget. 
        High Quality Voice Recording
        or if not, maybe i'll contend myself with the good old-fashioned way of recording those baby milestones - making imprints + bookmarks in my memories.

        Wednesday, February 16, 2011

        pointers to being a patient mum

        i must admit being a stay-at-home mum is nowhere near living in a bed of roses. i've had my fair share of frustration and the proverbial "bad days" and yes, much like most mums around i fall into the trappings of losing my patience. i've probably been grumpy + cranky to my son on several occasions, of which i really felt most guilty of. even if he would most of the time counteract one of my fits with his endearing giggles or dismiss my scolding and resume playing with his bib to his mouth, oblivious of his mum having a nervous  breakdown any moment soon, it would really leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth and a sinking feeling inside, thinking "what a terrible mum i was!"
        photo source
        i must also confess to having the patience of a mum who've just been a mum for 17 months and 18 days (yep, i've been counting!) read: patience that is no match to a 17 month's old's patience and will easily snap with little agitation like squirming toddler during diaper changing or a baby that won't budge from the bath tub - that is after too much prodding - after bathtime.

        i noticed i was particularly impatient when i lack sleep and when i am understress...
        glad i came across these 5 pointers to be a patient mum from kat of inspired to action:

        • sleep 7-8 hours (yep lack of sleep can really be such a bummer)
        • drink 6-8 glasses of water (being hydrated all the time will keep the grumpiness factor to a minimum)
        • be a wall of jello "Be like Jello, absorb their emotions and frustrations, filtering them through prayer. If we can’t respond in LOVE, tell them we need to calm down and postpone response"
        • be all there, don't multitask! (lots of pressure goes into trying to do everything all at the same time)
        • start 15 minutes early (recently i've been doing exactly this, in fact, i'm starting very much early by going online in the wee hours of the morning, that way, i can have loads of work done online before jared wakes up)
        kat, actually challenges us to put these 5 pointers into practice + see how we can turn into a patient mum in 24hours, i think i'll take on the challenge. how about you? for more challenges to inspire you to action and or other inspiring and enlightening tips on motherhood, do drop by inspired to action. you can also download this great e-book to inspire you maximize your mornings:
        Inspired To Action Button

        you might want to check out...