Saturday, February 12, 2011

mommy moments - dear baby

my everdearest jared, 
the day i found out i was pregnant with you was the day my stars finally properly aligned and the day you were born was the happiest day of life, the beginning of a wonderful, life-long adventure. i have long prayed and dreamed of becoming a mum and it was finally becoming a reality.  i have embraced it with arms wide open and welcomed you into my life with all my heart and soul. 
you were, are, and always will be god's best gift to mum. 
motherhood is a humbling experience, i didn't think i will ever be worthy and i wake up with awe every day, half amazed and half disbelieving of the grace i received.
i hope you to be a fine, young man someday, compassionate yet firm, wise yet humble, laid back yet passionate, mysterious and simple. i hope you learn a little from mum each day as we go along. i hope to create wonderful memories with you, son, traditions and rites. but more importantly i hope to show you each and every way i can just how much i love you.



my entry to this week's 
mommy moments



  1. he is so adorable baby,,,im soo touched with your love notes huhu teary eyes..

  2. you are right sis, motherhood is such a humbling experience and we do things that we thought we are not capable of doing for the sake of our children. Happy Valentines Day! Happy MM!

  3. Such a cute little baby and your message is so touching, I almost remember how it feels the first time I hold my baby.

  4. what a very touching letter for your son!
    one of the many paradox of motherhood is that it makes us both proud and humble at the same time.^_^

  5. what a darling little angel you got there. you are so lucky to have him, and he is just as lucky to have you.. God bless your Jared..

  6. what a love letter!

    thanks for the visit:)

  7. beautiful letter mommy... thanks for sharing it ha! :D


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