Sunday, February 20, 2011

of passions + voracious reading

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i have always been a voracious reader, from the sweet beautiful fairy tales to sweet valley high, from my favorite precious pages tagalog romance novels by martha cecilia (which by the way recently had a very disappointing boob tube adaptation - i'll write about that on a separate post!) to shakespeare and other classic greats like george orwell and charles dickens, from the heart-stopping thriller of sidney sheldon to the mind-bending suspense novels of dan brown, from the poetry in prose by paolo coelho to mitch albom's tearjerker, from the girlie chic lits of sophie kinsella to the bloody vampire tales of stephenie meyer to my all-time favorites by jk rowling, and now to smart parenting magazines and other parenting-related handbooks, i have read them all. i remember those days when i would stay up till 5 am just so i can finish a new paperback or those days when i'd be rattling excitedly to my friends as we discuss our new favorite novels.
Read the Printed Word!

today, although my passion has to take the backseat to give way to my new found one - motherhood + my baby, ethan jared, i try to have some pocket me-times so i can read a novel. i try to finish a book per month at least or if i get luckier maybe even more. i'm currently reading dan brown's the lost symbol and as usual, it is another nerve-wracking, unputdownable read.i am now on page 472 of this 671-page blockbuster and i can't wait to finish it, only to feel a little lonely in the end, hoping i can read some more. weird, right?

how about you, what are your passions, answer that and join:

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  1. wow, cool contest!

    btw, i have a tag for you!

  2. hi sis, pa check naman po yung mga links, dapat ksi walang para mag work. thanks much.

  3. @melandria - will check the link so i can post your giveaway badge in my sidebar, thanks^^


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