Friday, February 11, 2011

pink friday 02

rummaging through my thoughts if i ever have any other pink stuff to share and found none, so i thought of sharing the only pink that stands out in me and my baby's life at the moment...Elly, the sassy, classy, red-shoe-loving, sometimes-bossy, ballet-dancing good friend of Pocoyo. 

photo source
photo source

Elly is a pink elephant, who is fun, smiley and surprisingly agile. She is the oldest in the group and the one who tends to make all the important decisions. She is very strong and has great physical coordination which she uses to ride her scooter, pick things up and dance beautiful ballet pieces.

if only she can join this meme, she will have loads of pink stuffs to share, from laptop, scooter, even her bed is pink!

share your pink thoughts and let's all have a pink friday!


  1. my daughter would love this toy!

    My pink entry: Pink Pajamas

    I am a follower of your blog. I hope you can follow mine too. Thanks!

  2. nice post!

    visiting you again!

    happy pink friday

  3. my darling will love elly for sure! happy weekend! :)

  4. ay..I miss Eli..My siter Kiana use to watch that when we have cable nope..

    cute Eli..

    Happy PF!

  5. loving pink stuff!!!

    Visit my entry too: Whims and Views

  6. My son enjoy watching this pocoyo ako rin hehe

  7. the elephant is so cute! happy weekend!

  8. Just as I promised, visiting here for Pink Fridays for last week. Pink Fridays #58 is already up! Please read the post and leave a comment if you have added. Thanks!

    Pink Thoughts - Home of Pink Fridays!!


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