Sunday, February 27, 2011

pink friday: pink skirt

for this week's pink friday, here's a photo of me in my pink, checkered skirt when we went to the island paradise of coco beach many summers ago ( and many pounds ago!lol!). this was taken in our native, scenic cottage in the lovely, fit-for-a-princess bed. 
 this one's taken later that day with my former teammates: tom + kate...
this last photo was with our mummy vikki...i terribly miss her + her lovely british accent.

i simply had a blast during our two-day stay in coco beach and visiting there any time soon is something i'd really love to do, especially now that summer is just around the corner....
got any pink stuff to share?join us and pinkify your friday (err in my case, my sunday since this is a late posting!)


  1. Happy Pink Friday!!!

    Visit my entry too: Whims and Views

  2. Wow sis! Super sexy ka pa sa pic na yan. Love the bed. Parang super sarap matulog dyan.

  3. Lovely photos your sexy mommy ha :)
    ANyway, hope you can see my Pink fridays too :)

  4. Now visiting for Pink Fridays #59. ^_^

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