Saturday, February 12, 2011

a relaxing movie experience

i posted this promo a couple of weeks back here, and  i was lucky enough to win 2 tickets for chris + myself.

my favorite super hero + his favorite butler, alfred
chilling while waiting for the film to begin

christina is excited, i can tell:)

we were treated to free hd screening of batman: the dark knight (my favorite) with christian bale as the cape crusader and heath ledger as the joker with free popcorn and iced tea. not only that, we were also treated to a relaxing and invigorating head and back massage whilst watching. talk of some pampering, eh!

getting our massages
it was something i totally enjoyed and would love to do again.

our host, dj vince, giving away some full-body massage gcs

by the way, the contest is ongoing, simply go to when in manila and their facebook page to get the latest buzz.

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