Monday, February 14, 2011

weekend blog follower caravan 07

i missed joining last week's edition, mainly because i have no twitter account and following other mummies who joined would be next to impossible without it. so, i was very much delighted to learn that mommy rubz decided to revert back to gfc following.

if you are a new follower, muchas gracias!i've recently hit my 1st 100 followers + counting, so way to go! rest assured that i will be heading your blog next to return the favor, apologies though if i was not able to do it promptly, i know i am knee-deep in my backlogs what with other memes but i am working on it.

if you haven't join us yet, now is the best time to do so...head on to the pmb headquarter's for detailed rules of the games + information on how to link up!

happy caravanning!


  1. just visiting! old follower here. :)

  2. hi! i am your new follower from wbfc. hope you could follow my sites back.

    Topics on Earth
    Mom’s Ups and Downs
    Kitchen Essentials

    thanks in advance!

  3. Been here from WBFC. Followed your blog already. I will appreciate it a lot if you can visit me and follow me back!!!

    Thanks God Bless

  4. hello! followed you mommy from WBFC..

    you might want to be friend with my vegan friend pa lang sya sa blogging..

  5. I'm your new follower. Please follow me back. Many thanks!

  6. already a follower of this blog...

    visiting from WBFC!

  7. Visiting and following you from Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. Hope you can follow back my blogs.

    Thank you!!

    Blogging SAHM
    Mom Moods
    Mom sa Pinas

    Work at Home Mommy Online

  8. Followed. Here's mine:


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