Friday, March 18, 2011

mommy moments: the color purple

purple is my favorite color, that is besides yellow, i have quite a few stuff in this shade: shirt, shoes, pens, purses + pouches, notice that even my blog signature is in purple! that is why, this morning when i checked my folders in search for jared's photo with purple in it, i find it both amusing + surprising that i can't find one! yeah, seriously, i just realized, jared doesn't really own anything purple, well except perhaps for the purple "c" in his shape sorter. the best option i have is this ancient photo of his (with mum this time) shot in our old room, where i used to hang this purple curtain (see i am such a purpleaholic - borrow your term thine {my purple addict friend + kumare!}), jared was just a couple of months old in this photo...
mommy moments
this is my entry to this week's


  1. cool sa eyes ang purple :)

    visiting you again from TBE

  2. He was such a chubby baby, that Jared of yours! Okay lang kasi lalaki naman :D

  3. jared is really so blessed to have you as his mom! what a beautiful photo! ;)


  4. He's very handsome.

    Purple Galore at my page, have a good weekend!

  5. wonder wheres my post..hehe it just gone! anyway, hope you can visit mommy here:

  6. cool pics mommy...cute baby ni Jared :)

  7. nice photo mommy! :D happy purple weekend!

  8. Nice shots dear! :D

    Happy MM! :) Here's my purple entry:

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  9. that's a nice picture of mommy and little jared...lovely! :) PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...was here but late, sorry! have a great week!


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