Saturday, April 02, 2011

friday fill ins 2011.13 we go!

1. I can't believe the month of march is officially over.

2. Blogging, come to think of it, is really not for everyone.

3. How can I go to iblog7 with my baby has been my in my thoughts this fast few weeks, in the end i just had to decide against it altogether, will just be watching the livestreaming instead.

4. Adobong manok (that's chicken cooked with soy sauce + vinegar, a very famous filipino dish) was the last thing I cooked.

5. Six of one is synonyms with half-dozen of the other.

6. Cosmetic surgery; nonono!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to catching up on my blogging, tomorrow my plans include taking jared to my parents' grave for a visit and Sunday, I want to go to the pmc grand eye ball in megamall
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  1. Owh yeah, really can't believe it's April now!! :) Funny #3!!

  2. bilis ng araw ano Mommy Vix, i have plans for this summer vacation like general cleaning of the house including de-cluttering of the closets pero wala pa ako nauumpisahan ahaha

    visiting you here :)

  3. Time flies really fast, one snap of our finger Christmas na naman. Visiting you here from Bloggers Exchange
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    I hope you can visit me here too, thanks
    SAHM’s Online Diary

  4. Hello! I am visiting you through The Bloggers Exchange. Have a nice day!

    My Comfort Zone
    Unwritten Chronicles

    I haven't been joining this one in a long time.

  5. time really flies so fast! ilang weeks nito, school na naman! visiting you here via TBE April mommy vix!

    Pink Memoirs
    Hands Full of Life
    These and Those

  6. hello, can you email me at amador dot christine at gmail dot com what you wanted to give to Gentle Hands? many thanks

  7. hi im visiting from the bloggers exchange. the april links are out and i believe my link is wrong because of an extra character. if you'll ever put up the links on your blog, please edit my link: thanks!

    im still working on my links! :)
    thanks again :)

  8. Nice meme! Nagutom naman ako sa Chicken Adobo mo! hehe. Good morning po.

  9. summer is really here!

    visiting you from TBE :)

    Drop by my CRIB. Please don't forget to follow me @ GFC & NetworkedBlogs. Thanks very much!

    Have a great week!


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