Friday, April 01, 2011

marching + moving on

goodbye scorchy month of march + school graduations; hello to the breezy, summer month of april. wow, we must have been having lots of fun that we barely noticed that almost 1/3 of the year is almost finished. summer has officially started for mums with schooling tots! loads of activities lined up? I bet, so you can make the most of the children's summer vacation. 

We haven't been out much last month + i intend to make it up this time. a family summer outing is in the works (we're still contemplating between the beach or a resort just around our province). I also have yet to set-up the inflatable pool we've bought for jared a few week's back + am excited to see the little man having a grand time splashing in the water! 

I also have some just-mummy (or i may end up tagging the baby along) activities lined up + that ought to give me my much-needed break from the household chores + other stuffs. here's what's on my itenerary:
  • going to sm megamall for the pmc grand eyeball on sunday
  • attending mommypower in dusit thani hotel on 09 april 
  • call for reservation at soneva spa, i will be going there with jared's dad anytime next week
  • a trip to rizal for bloggerfest 2011 on 16 april (that is if i was lucky enough to be included ;))
blogging-wise, i will be hosting my very first giveaway on this blog anytime soon (i'm still working out the details of it!) so please watch out for that, i think am also slowly getting the hang of having to maintain 2 blogs, but i have yet to work on a lot of things with my wp one, including the theme (i am still on the look out for a nice + simple theme to go with my blog). i am also harassing my brother to make me a header + logo for jared's little corner (will be doing some major make over here too, just to bump + update my layouts, install some favicon + yep, a new badge will be in the works too ;)). i am also contemplating on hosting my own blog meme (one for each blog), some ideas are traversing in my mind now + i just have to learn a few tricks on meme-hosting (like where to find free linky tools, perhaps). that should keep my online life ulta-exciting for this month!

well, that's it for now, from this little corner. remember to check out every too often for summer activities + whatnot that should interest you...put on those comfy flipflops, slap on those giant sunglasses + slather some sunblock for good measures + don't forget to make this one rockin' summer to remember! ;)

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  1. Hi,
    This is such a nice post and I really like the way you have presented the information.
    I am so glad to see the spring season after such a long winters. Its time to go outdoors and have fun.


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