Friday, April 29, 2011

mommy moments: black or white?

this week, we are to post black and white photos of our babies, but alas, i didn't find any since jared doesn't have that much black stuffs (save for the black shorts we bought him some weeks ago) so i needed to improvise. 

check out my handy work, it's the first time i used gimp (thanks to sis kaye for the idea) + for a novice like me, i'd say it's much easier to use compared to photoshop. this is also my first attempt at including watermarks in my photo, kinda blah if you ask me, but i'll try to learn more about it + hopefully be able to add on a little watermark for all our photos here (wish me luck ;) )

about the photos:

the first one is taken a few weeks before jared's 1st birthday. we stopped by a local studio, topico, to have his very first pro pictorial taken. for a beginner, i'd say my son aced it with flying colors. only, we forgot to post with our son too, for a quick, professional family portrait! too bad, but i have that on my list + hopefully i'll be able to tick it off soon.

the second photo was taken inside jared's dad's car 10 days before his first birthday, we went to my old office that day to give out invites to jared's ninangs (godmothers) and my closest friends. one of her ninangs, chris, edited this photo to make it into the cross-stitchy texture + i just edited the color in gimp to change in into black + white. 

more black + white moments here
mommy moments


  1. nice poses i agree :D photo shoots are fun indeed!

  2. I think,most kids,like your Jared, nowadays are very familiar na with pictures, mga sanay na lahat mag pose. Nice set for Mommy Moments.

    MommyMoments:Black & White

  3. @jona + dhemz - thanks so much for stopping by, guys ;)

    @mommy willa - so true mommy, they really know how to pose for the camera, the little cuties!

  4. he's so cute! thanks for sharing.. you may want to check MINE..

  5. wow, great job mommy :D happy mommy moments!

  6. oh la la wonderful photos!

    got so late in our entry but can't miss MM: here's our link:


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