Saturday, April 09, 2011

mommy moments - a summer to remember

summer has officially arrived + am just excited since this is jared's official first summer {he was a tad smaller last year that we didn't really get to enjoy most of the summer out, plus mum was busy working back then, too :(}, here's what i have in mind:
  • a summer outing which can be in a resort nearby or a beach nearest to us (still in the works though, but will definitely push through before this summer is officially over)
  • of course, even if my son is not yet schooling, summer is also a great time to line up other activities like  having a haircut for the little man since his tufts have grown a lot in the last 3 months + he badly needs one! (i tried cutting off a little of his bangs, to prevent his hair from falling into his eyes, as a safety precaution)
  • am contemplating on enrolling my son in swimming lessons too, i personally do not know how to swim + i'd love for my son to learn in an early age. plus i've read about the benefits of swimming for babies' health + brain development + am definitely for it! found a school a few minutes away + is on the process of inquiring about it.
  • will be having a fruit party come holy week (when everyone is at home), we plan to stock up on what's-in- season fruits. i can't wait to see jared devour a mango, see, he loves the juice version to bits + am sure he will definitely like the real thing too. apart from mangoes, we plan to include singkamas (jimaca), probably a bit of watermelon too (that's isabel's fave), and maybe i can mix up some lemonade while we're at it (anything to beat the scorching summer heat, really!)
  • +, yep, a pool party at home is also in the works. it has actually taken us awhile to fix up the inflateable pool since my niece + nephew had fallen ill the past weeks (now sean is down with chickenpox!), so we are just waiting till they can participate, to make the party all the more enjoyable.
  • we will also be going to a book event next week (i'll be writing about that on a separate post)
  • + definitely a lot of outdoors time (so that means a lot of time away from this blog too!)
haven't got a summer photo, yet, to share, so how about this one taken outdoors?

that's about it with our summer plans, hopefully i can also include flying a kite or going on a picnic or visiting a zoo on the list, but i guess you'll never know, summer is still young + it is teeming with endless possibilities.

here's to one summer to remember! 
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  1. thanks for the visit!

    yes go to Amana, I bet your little tot will have fun :D

  2. looks like it's gonna be a fun filled summer ahead mommy vix! thanks for visiting my entry!

  3. wow! talagang healtht living sila mommy ah..fruits and lots of fruits..
    Visiting from Mommy Moments :) Have a nice day!
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  4. you were hoping for a playground near your area, while i was hoping to enroll my son to swimming lessons but there's nothing around here in our area haha :D thanks for the visit and comment in my MM entry :D
    enjoy the weekend!

  5. wow this seems to be a super busy summer. Enjoy your summer sis. Hehehe

  6. Let's all enjoy the outdoors! Happy MM! Hope you can check out my entry too! Thanks!

  7. Those are nice summer activities lined up for the entire family! Happy MM!

  8. You have great plans for the summer. Have fun with your family!

  9. The book event sounds exciting to me!!

    Bloghopping thru The Bloggers Exchange

  10. Wow, sounds like you got lots of plans :) I bet the kids enjoy more in going outings especially to the beach. Ala kami beach dito. My Mommy Moments

  11. I also enrolled my bunso sa summer swimming class kasi frustration ko din ang magswim....

    Your post is a good read for mommies looking for summer activities for their kids..

    Visiting thru TBE...

    Always I ahd also added your blog in my bloglist, I hope you can also add mine in yours.

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  12. wow! sounds like a very busy but exciting summer ahead!

  13. present talaga ang swimming...ehehehe...good luck on your summer plans...dropping by here.

  14. seems like you have a summer filled with fun activities! :D enjoy!!

    and what book event is that? :D

  15. swimming could be fun :) but assess first if he really likes water bec if not, it might be traumatic for him.

    Thanks for peeking at my plans.
    Don't hesitate to drop by my STREET.

    Have a great summer!

  16. swimming lesson is at number 1 so far as to our plan for our kids...Enjoy!

    My Mommy Moments Entry

  17. ang dami mong masayang plans, mommy! tama, enroll mo baby mo sa swimming lessons, para maaga marunong na sya magswimming. enjoy! :) thanks for the visit! :)


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