Saturday, April 02, 2011

mommy moments: your congratulations!

mommy moments 
for this week's topic, am sure i will be seeing a parade of cute, little boys + girls in their white toga + congratulations are really in order! kudos to all the mums with kiddos graduating + moving up a grade higher this year! way to go! i particularly would like to congratulate my nephew, sean, for graduating with honors from his nursery class. 

well, for mums of tots like me, we still have quite a few years to go before we can attend any of these momentous celebrations, but we couldn't be hard-up on stuffs worthy of your congratulations even with our smaller children. 

just last week, my little man finally learned how to kiss. yep, he is now falling into the habit of planting a wet kiss on mum's lips + i am totally liking it! i also enjoyed the idea that he doesn't seem too keen on kissing anyone else apart from mum + elmo! yay! so whenever i need i quick pick-me-up, i'll just ask for my baby's kiss + everything will be all rosy again! now my next mission is to catch the act on cam!

another cause for our celebration is my son's turning a month older! he is officially 19 months old since last wednesday! a 16-kilo 19-month old + still growing. a few more months to go + the little guy will be turning two, ooh, how time flies! (i've been saying that phrase a lot lately!).
here are photos of jared, clowning around in his playpen:
love that beautiful smile, baby!
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  1. awww, he's so cute! mom's greatest reward: a wet kiss!


    Don't hesitate to drop by my CRIB.

    Happy weekend!

    My Mommy Journey Entry

  2. Congratulations! love his smile too!

  3. congratulations for learning how to sweet!

  4. oh he's just 2 months older than my little Haley. And he is definitely big/heavy. Wish my little one is over 10 kilos now. Congrats on his achievements!

  5. happy 19th month! :)

    by the way, thanks for featuring inspirational insights on your side bar :)

  6. He's soooo cute! :) ilan taon na sya ulit? parang anlaki na nya sa pics kase e. Si Elijah din mahilig magkiss at i love you. :)

    Pinay Mama
    Baguio Food

  7. So sweet naman : ) Every little achievement of our child surely makes us mommies proud. Thanks for the visit : )

  8. @mommy chris - thanks for stopping by + glad that you noticed the knick knacks on my sidebar, inspiring^^

    @pibyang - thanks so much, elijah is co cute too!19 months pa lang po ang bebe ko, but he's not talking much yet, just unintelligible chatters^^

  9. ay bakit ako na-feature! heheh..thanks!

    happy MM! late visiting na mommy..


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