Tuesday, May 03, 2011

kids in doodles 01: my upside-down musical table

this is a photo of me taken early this year. mum particularly liked this photo because this is one of those very few moments that my smile is captured in pictures, + mum definitely love my smiles. plus, it also captures my fun + playful side. 

i was playing here with my musical table turned upside down, like a make-shift platform. i enjoyed sitting or stepping up and down on it, much to my mum + my titas' protest + collective sighs..what i did is remove the top part (the one with my little piano + musical playthings) first before i topple the rest of the table over, after a while it will be the table's legs (the blue part) turn to go as i knock them over. simply fun! maybe you can try it too:)

this is our first time to join this very new meme by mommy willa, click on the badge for more of us:


  1. So cute! kids can really come up with a hundred things to do in anything they get hold of. :)
    Thanks for joining the Kids In Doodles#1.

  2. so cute!!! my son does that too! all the time, even if he's already 4 yrs old! ehehehe...

  3. Our kids really surprise us with their innovativeness & creativity, right?! My daughter Keanna joined too but a little late. Here's her KID post . Thank you and see you around!

  4. hehe, cge jared kulitin mo pa si mommy=)

    visiting via KID:


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