Monday, May 09, 2011

kids in doodles 02: baby reading

one of the things that i enjoy doing is reading. i'd stare at the photos in my books, point to them + sometimes, i even pretend i could read them ;)

it was something i got from my mum. she has been reading to me in utero + would always read the book the land before time (a tale of a baby dinosaur named littlefoot + his adventures with his friends, cera, spike, + ducky) before we dose off to dreamland.

one of my most favorite book is a boardbook mum got me with photos of cars, trains + airplanes. i just love it!

this is our entry to this week's (do click on the badge to see more kids in doodles) :


  1. I thought he's praying on the first photo, so serious! :)

    Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles#2.

  2. It will bring wonderful fruits if we start them early :)

  3. so cute! this reminds me of the video i took when Jacob was just a baby where he was reading books by himself...nakakatuwa.... :-)

  4. wow..go baby..reading books is intelligent..hehe

    mine is up too! see yah

  5. my son also, when he was still small, loves to read and look at the pictures on the books. your son will grow to be a smart kid, just like mom! late visit here for KID!


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