Sunday, May 29, 2011

messy go-round 03: pringles mess

it is messy go-round once again + am sharing you these photos of myself messing around + making a mess  with my new-found favorite, pringles. i simple love its taste, especially the original one. mum makes me eat them since they are not that salty compared to the other variants. it became my instant favorite + i'd love it the first time i tasted it ;) the photo above is a top-view of my mess + the one down there is one clear proof that i am simple loving these goodies. i can't wait to eat again, maybe i'd ask mum to buy some again the next time we go the grocers ;)

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  1. Hi Jared! Thank you for joining MGR once again. I love to eat Pringles too and just like you Ate K still mess up a little. Hehe!

  2. I guess Jared has just proven that once you pop you can't stop. Hehe!

  3. my tot loves it too ;)

    he's so cute :)

  4. Pringles ba baby? sige, tita (that's me) will see to it that she'll give you pringles lang when you meet :D

  5. Oh, eat those, sayang naman kung maging deco ng sahig :D

  6. Hi baby Jared! Pringles definitely tastes good but hinay hinay lang. Remember to eat healhy stuff din! :)

  7. ay cute ni jared!! sinipag si Mama Shengkay to blog hop kuya..
    Late visiting from Messy Go Round! :) have a nice day!
    My Messy


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