Monday, May 09, 2011

mommy + me monday 02: mother's day 2011

mum + i did not have quite a good photo on mother's day (she has yet to study the art of taking self-portraits!hehe) but i guess this one will do. this is just a quick shot my mum took the morning of mother's day in our room (notice my new haircut? will post on it in a while) 

we were stuck inside the house on a gloomy + rainy mother's day sunday, but it's all good, since we've been out the whole day yesterday for the expomom (which will be posted soon too) + for my very long overdue haircut! so we kinda enjoyed the lazy time spent at home. i particularly enjoyed taking naps as the weather made me fell a sleep so much easier.

we had a sumptuous kenny rogers dinner, courtesy of my tita cecille (sorry guys no photo was taken, dinner was gone soon as it was served, see!haha!), i particularly enjoyed their chicken noodle soup it is one of my favorite food! rounds of hershey's with milk chocolate + reese cups ice cream were served  afterwards but i didn't feel like having ice cream that night. 

we capped the night all cooped up in my room watching tangled for the nth time! it was such a fun mother's day all in all + i know mum enjoyed it lots too:)

got any mother's day photo?

this is our entry to this week's

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  1. nice haircut the way share you an award at

  2. thanks for the compliment + for this surprise :)

  3. Hello Jared's mom! I'm glad you enjoyed mother's day.. .I did too :)

    Anyways, I have an award waiting for you in my blog... seems like it's your season of award haha

  4. I think it's super sweet...little cuddles.


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