Monday, May 16, 2011

mommy + me monday 03: a day out snapshot


here is a snapshot of me + my mum during our recent trip to greenhills. we goofed around + dad took photos of us while we were waiting for our orders from kenny roger's roaster.
i totally enjoy our family day outs. we would go out to have our groceries done, or would stroll around the mall with no particular goals but just to escape the cramping + cabin-feverish air in the house. + my favorite so far is our next exploit: exploring the beach! mum will be posting about the details of our subic getaway in here soon.

for now, mommy + i (sleeping most of the time) is in dire need of some shuteye.

happy monday everyone + have a great week ahead ;)

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  1. Hi Jared! you're too cute! I love family day outs too. :D

    Here's my Mommy and Me Monday entry:

  2. laki na ng iyong baby boy! thanks for the visit mommy :)

  3. hello baby Jared,thanks to mommy for dropping by at my blog.. :D

  4. Never been to boracay but I heard a lot of the place, wish I could visit the place someday. Mine is up and its here SAHM’s Online Diary thanks

  5. hola Jared!!!

    cute mo talaga!!!


    ~Ate Gagay~

  6. He's handsome!

    Mommy and Me at my page, please come and see.

  7. Oh my, Jared! You are so big now! But since you are so cute, you are still practically a baby!

    Ang cute niya Vix! :D

  8. Hi Mommy Vix and Jaren! Nice meeting you both in person at the Intel event earlier today. :D Looking forward to seeing you again next time!

  9. have a message for you sis...follow the link

  10. Family time out really is fun!

  11. I heard subic is a great place for family outings!
    I have been out with my family last weekend and it has always been a great time spent with them.

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