Tuesday, May 03, 2011

please read: giveaway update!


just a head's up: kindly indicate which prize you'd want to win. (mum was so excited to post our giveaway that she overlooked this one bit of detail, sorry)

we will be doing 2 separate draws for a winner in manila + a winner for the provinces, so kindly indicate in your blog post which prize you'd like to vie for so mum would know where to include your name, right?

easy enough, so keep 'em entries coming, i shall be waiting



  1. hi, revised my entry as per ur advise,here's my post

  2. i updated my post mommy and i fill up again the form
    hoping to win :)
    happy weekend

  3. hi mommy! I also did revised my blog entry. Hoping to win too! thanks :)

  4. http://baguioboy.com/2011/05/jareds-little-corner-1st-blog-giveaway.html

    updated post. :)

  5. Hi sis! Hey, I didn't know you have a giveaway. Good luck to all who joined. Just visiting you back. Happy weekend!


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