Sunday, May 08, 2011

the versatile blogger award

what better way to greet all the mums out there a happy mother's day than by doling out this blogging award we've recently received from mommy genny of nathan stepping stones (mom is so giddy to receive another award for my blog, yay!)

so here are the rules upon receiving this award:
  • thank + link back to the person who awarded it (which i already did, thanks again mommy genny!)
  • share 7 things about yourself
  • award 15 other bloggers
  • contact the bloggers and tell them about the award
here are 7 facts about me:
  1. i have sensitive skin ever since i was a little baby
  2. i love pocoyo to bits!
  3. i definitely love yogurt drinks especially the strawberry flavored ones
  4. i enjoy reading
  5. i love music + listening to anything from mozart to to elmo + barney
  6. i very much love cars + i can't wait to drive the real thing
  7. going to mommy blogger events with my mum is something i do to pass the time
i am (mum helped me chose, too!) sharing this awesome award with the following wonderful blogs:

  1. the all-around mom 
  2. charlotte our little miss princess 
  3. chris chronicles 
  4. dress up your blogs 
  5. smart mommy 
  6. notepad corner 
  7. iris joehanna's chronicle 
  8. mommy wannabe finally 
  9. journal of rj's mama 
  10. life and then some 
  11. thoughts and sentiments of a blogging sahm mom 
  12. brown pinay
mum will be in touch with you lovely mums to tell you about this wonderful news. till then, have a great rainy Sunday or whatever's left of it.


  1. uy ngayon ko lang nakita to, now lang ulit ako naka-drop by hihi. thank you for including me in your award :)

  2. thanks for this award mommy vix! you'll be at the Intel event this Wed, right? i'll see you there :)


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