Sunday, May 01, 2011

who's turning a big 20!

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yep, am turning another month older today! yay! people always say i look so big now + were amazed at how i've grown from being a tiny little tot. well, i guess that's what happens when you lie around all day (of course, i watch movies + videos + play a lot on the side, too!) feeding on my bottle of milk, or sometimes munching on something my mum gave me for snacks ;)!

here's what i've been up to:

  • since i've mastered the art of walking many months ago, i am now trying to perfect the interesting + beautiful craft of running, whilst the grown ups nervously trot behind
  • i do talk a lot more now, even if most of it includes a lot of gibberish that mum is racking her brains hard to decipher, hah!
  • i've also mastered the art of running my very first car + i can't wait to try a real, big car (just like my daddy drives) in the future, well probably in 16 years ;)
  • mum is getting frustrated with my solid food eating habits but i've really taken into munching pringles, i totally love 'em!
  • i guess you can also say that my official first word would have to be "car"
  • i enjoy watching all the cars passing by the street (cars for me sometimes would also include trucks, vans, bicycles + trikes!)
  • i've also been to greenhills for the first time + i totally enjoy the huge black ball fountain in the food court (too bad mum wasn't able to take much photos)
  • i've found an effective way to silence my mum's constant + endless chatters, kissing her on lips whilst she is caught unawares. does the trick always ;) why not try it on your mums too?
  • my counting still begins + ends with the number 2, maybe one of these days i'll be able to include numbers 1, + 3 + 5!
i guess mum's quite excited about me turning a month older, she's probably thinking i'll be turning two in a few month's time. well we've got loads of things to do + learn before my big day. i also have to learn how to swim once mum got around to enrolling me in this summer's swim class.

anyway, thanks for sharing with our celebration, join us again next time + why not check out our simple giveaway (which mum finally managed to post, by the way!) while you're here. good luck then + cheers!


  1. 4 more months and you will be called, Terrible Two's! :D

    Blog hopping thru The Bloggers Exchange

  2. way to go Jared! That kissing on the lips works wonders! ;)

    Sis, my son is 5 and counts: isa, dalawa, tatlo, lima, ocho :D I need to teach him proper tagalog and spanish counting hehe...

  3. oh! congratulations, baby!


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