Friday, March 30, 2012

Michi Photostory's Very 1st Giveaway!

Get a chance to win this fabulous prize simply by joining Michi Photostory's 1st Ever Giveaway! Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget + you're all set! This giveaway ends on 31 March, so waste no time + join now! Open to everyone who has a Philippine shipping address.

Good luck everyone! ;)

Free Blogger Giveaway Sign-up: $100 Rainy Day Facebook Frenzy

Here is another Free Giveaway Sign up for Bloggers ~ The $100 Rainy Day Facebook Frenzy! All you have to do is post about the free sign up + you automatically gain one spot for your Facebook link! Ain't that cool? 

Waste no time + join the fun! This giveaway will run from 04-11 April, so hurry! Sign up HERE!

Have an awesome Friday Everyone! ;)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Love Hues 1st Blogversary Giveaway

I Love Hues is celebrating is very first anniversary + is giving away ├╝ber nice footwear perfect for summer! To win, all you have to do is:

  • Hit that Google+ button on the sidebar
  • Like their Facebook page
  • Follow them on NetworkedBlogs
  • Follow them on Twitter
  • Subscribed via e-mail
  • Display the giveaway badge on your sidebar
Easy enough, right? Note that this giveaway is open worldwide provided you have a Philippine shipping address + shall run from March 26-April 09. To know more, simply click on the giveaway badge above.

Good luck + happy anniversary I love Hues! ^_^

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Free Blogger Sign-up for Kindle Fire Giveaway

Here is some great news to all you bloggers who are fond of giveaways! Sign up for this Kindle Fire Giveaway for FREE. Yup, you heard that right, it is for free! All you have to do is sign up + be part of the sponsors for this exciting giveaway. The catch, simply share the giveaway button on your Facebook page + blogs, + you are all set! Giveaway starts on 09 April, 9pm EST!

What are you waiting for, sign up here now + be part of this exciting event! ;)

Win a 1-year Supply of Proactiv Solution

We have always desired flawless-looking skin but not most of us are gifted with the right genes. It is a good thing that there are products like Proactive Solution, which we can trust to take care of our skin for us, removing all those acne, impurities + leaving our skin as beautiful + as blemish-free as we want to be!

+ to pave your way to a beautiful, blemish-free skin, Proactiv Solution brings you the Win A Year's Supply of Proactiv Solution Promo!

Here's the mechanics of the game:
  1. Post your most creative photo + answer this question: Why do you deserve to win Free 1 year Supply of Proactiv? on the Proactiv Solution Facebook Fanpage
  2. The entries will be judged by the following criteria:
  • Enthusiasm {50%} - demonstrate in your photo that you absolutely love + want Proactiv!
  • Creativity {25%} - make sure that your answer is fun + engaging!
  • Impact {25%} - gauges the quality of response by the fan page community on your answer
The lucky winner will receive 6 packs of Proactiv 60-day kit enough for a 1-year supply! This promo runs from March 16-31. The lucky winner shall be announced on 03 April! 

Mum really loves them online promos that I cannot resist but join, take a look at my entry: 

I keep a 24/7 job that has no overtime pays or VL incentives, I am a mum after all. There is just one too many things to worry about + I hardly have time for myself, much less, to care for my skin. That is why I think I deserve to win a 1-year supply of Proactiv Solution, a non-nonsense skin care that will take care of my skin while I am busy taking care of my little man ^_^ 
What do you think? Hit the like buttons on Facebook for me, will you? ;) 

For more information about this promo, simply click on the promo badge to get to the promo page. 

Good luck everyone + here's to a flawless, younger-looking courtesy of Proactiv Solution! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello Spring $800 Cash Giveaway

Jump start the arrival of spring {at least in your corner of the world} by joining Diva Fabulousa's Hello Spring Cash Giveaway + get a chance to win $800 Paypal Cash, simply by following various Twitter + Google Plus accounts +  liking Facebook page. Joining is made easier by the rafflecopter widget. 

This giveaway runs until 21 April, so you've got more time to join, if you haven't already. Click out the link for more info + to join the giveaway!

Good luck ;)

Monday, March 05, 2012

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Mommy Bloggers ~ Paypal Cash Giveaway

Join and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Mommy Bloggers PayPal Cash Giveaway!

Mommy Gagay teamed up with other Mommy Bloggers Dinampo Family, Cacai’s Steps and Journey, My Journey Being a Mommy, Humble Opinion, Hands Full of Life, Simply Tina, Proud Mommy of Three, Pinay Mama, Thoughts from Home, Nita’s Corner, Progressive Parenting to bring you this awesome PayPal cash giveaway as part of the celebration for the St. Patrick’s Day! They’re giving us the opportunity to win PayPal cash and an Early Learning Game Cards: Teach Your Child to Count to 10 from!

The giveaway starts 2/29 @12:01am EST and runs through 3/14 at 12:01am EST!

The prizes are:

1st Prize: $50PayPal Cash

2nd Prize: $30 PayPal Cash

3rd Prize: $20 PayPal Cash

2 Winners of Early Learning Game Cards: Teach Your Child to Count to 10 from

Join now + get lucky, simply click on the giveaway badge to get to the giveaway post! Good luck ^_^

Sunday, March 04, 2012

SeaWorld Orlando - A Perfect Summer Destination

image not mine

Summer has officially begun in my corner of the world + I bet loads of families are already booked, packed + ready to go to their dream travel destinations as soon as the school year is over {for those who have children}. For sure a lot of people will be heading to the beach to beat the scorching summer heat! 

There are really quite a number of top summer destinations depending on your preference + your budget specifications. You can either choose a local or an international destination, like SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, for instance. It offers a wide array of fun activities, adult + children alike will enjoy.  They offer attractions for children, for nature lover + for thrill-seekers in your family. For starters, you can all have a fun family experience in one of their rides, like the Kraken, Journey To Atlantis or The Sky Tower. You can also check out a few of their exhibits, including The Dolphin Cove, The Turtle Trek or The Shark Encounter. When you get tired + hungry from all the fun rides + adventure, you can dine in one of their numerous restaurants + diners or check out the shops for souvenirs to bring to family + friends back home.

You do not really need a very big budget to go on this dream vacation. You can save loads by checking out SeaWorld Orlando Vacation Packages online for a family travel package that will fit your wallet. You can also pre-booked accommodations to SeaWorld Orlando Hotels during special promos to avail of huge discounts + amazing deals!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Walk + Work with Style Giveaway

Welcome to the Mega Prize Giveaway
Walk & Work With Style
March 1-18, 2012
Walk and Work with Style giveaway
Sponsored by:
And Hosted by:
The Prizes You will be competing for:
Sony Wi-Fi Camera ~ 2 Winners
Sony wi-fi camera
Kingston Wi-Drive 32GB ~ 2 Winners
Kingston wi-drive
Sports Watches with Rhinestone Bezel ~ 4 Winners
sports watches with rhinestone bezzle
We live in times when comfort and style really matter. That's why we chose to go with the prizes that are very handy for anybody in this busy life. These products will definitely contribute to your work, to your hobby, to your creative projects.
All this is possible with the help of The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research. What is it? It is closer to home than you may think. This non-profit Foundation puts forward all its resources into education and active involvement of people like you and I in the conservation of the Rainforest. It does it with workshops, trips to the Peruvian Amazon, connecting educational institutions with each other, and supporting indiginous people.
Do we really care if the Rainforest vanishes from the face of the Earth? You bet. And you'd better be proactive NOW. If all of the Rainforest goes away, we will be experiencing one of those cataclizms like in a horrific movie.
We want to continue to live, and to blog. And blog happily.
Let's celebrate our connections with each other and with Nature.
Let's Walk & Work With Style, while always caring about the interconnectidness of this Universe.
We would love to Thank All These Great Blogs who came through strongly with their support for this occassion. Our applause to each and every one of you:

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