Saturday, August 18, 2012

Buying Medicine Made Easy With Generics Pharmacy + City Delivery

Especially now that the rainy season is upon us, it is a comforting news to find out that you can now buy those much-needed prescriptions or get those vitamins that you are running on empty in a few days without the hassle of charging onto the rain + the danger of getting yourself wet, or worse, stranded somewhere due to floods + other unfortunate circumstances!

the package they've assembled for me ♥
It was great news indeed to find out that The Generics Pharmacy, known to be one of the most trusted drugstores that bring benefits of generic medicine, has teamed up with City Delivery to get your meds + other pills delivered right at your doorstep! It is the first of its kind in the Metro + boasts of a real-time medicine delivery service. So consider all those medicine needs covered!

got this package the next day after I confirmed! Talk of fast service! 
For over-the-counter medicine, simply make order via their call center, the text line or by visiting their website. For prescribed medicine, order thru any of their various media + email a copy of your doctor's prescription to You may also fax a scanned copy to a fax number that will be given by their CSR.

Thanks to this latest innovation from City Delivery + The Generics Pharmacy, keeping your medicine cabinet well-stocked + taking care of your family's health has never been this easy! For orders or more information about this service, you may keep in touch with City Delivery through any of the following:

Disclaimer: I have been sent this *blogger package in exchange for a review of this service. All opinion is solely mine.

* Your package may vary depending on your order

Monday, August 13, 2012

let's celebrate august!


It has been a while since I've been active around here. + I am thinking what better way to pick up where I left off than with another giveaway! Read on for more details ^_^

I personally have so many reasons to celebrate this awesome month of August. I've received numerous blessings + I am also celebrating the birth of my blog, Mum Eats! Apart from that, August is also our birthday month + even the little man's blog, Jared's Little Corner, is celebrating its 2nd anniversary. I really am thankful for all the wonderful blessings + would love to share this with you my dear readers through this little giveaway! ;)

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mumwrites + mum eats shall be giving away this cool mum loot to one lucky reader!

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