Thursday, April 14, 2011

my birthday photobook arrives

here's me, figuring out a way to open my parcel
last week, mum picked up my 1st birthday photo book from the post office. this is the one she ordered from artscow about a month ago. the photo book contained all the lovely pictures we had during my very first birthday. my tito ken made a great layout + arranged the photos there too. very nice, i must say, + am not being biased here. so you'll believe me, here are some photos mum took of my very first photo book:
my very first photo book
a photo of me blowing me birthday cake
a photo with mum + tita cel
i think mum is having loads of fun with this photo book that she plans to order more. let's just see what other creative ideas she + tito ken might come up the next time she get another photobook. 


  1. Hello mommy! jareds mum ang alam ko sayo eh..hehehe..

    mga magkano ang photobook na ganyan?

    yung sa tagged me pala hindi ko rin alam eh..genny tagged me lang..I think Gagay tag her too and

    thanks for a frequent visit to my purple home..

  2. isn't artscow great? i have a couple of 6x6 books for dindin! :D

    mommy I now have a blog contest for Mother's Day that I hope you can join.

    Remembering Mama Contest

    It's very easy po so I hope you and your readers could join. please lang ha, paki support po, hihihi thanks!

  3. I saw Elmo in one of the photos and my 3 year old loves him so much! It's a great looking blog sis, love the color hehehhe


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