Sunday, October 24, 2010

10 things i dislike about Written By Mys

this is my fifth and final post for 10 on October 10 Written By Mys giveaway.  

finally i was able to complete the entries thus giving me a total of 35 points. Yay! now, all we need to do is wait and cross our fingers! ( and pray that hopefully me internet connection will be better in the coming days!)

10 things i dislike about Written By Mys

1.   firstly, i dislike the idea of writing this topic altogether!
2.   i dislike her font (tell me what else to dislike, please!)
3.   i dislike her blog picks
4.   i dislike her badge
5.   i dislike her fontsize
6.   i dislike her three-column blog (makes her blog way too crowded)
7.   i dislike the size of her chat.leave link
8.   i dislike the location of her pages
9.   i dislike her adverts
10. i dislike to criticize her blog and am glad this is all over!(whew!)

prizes at stake for this giveaway are:

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