Friday, November 26, 2010

girls talk: accessories/apparel section

this is a section of the mall i have totally neglected, see i am not really your accessories girl more so when i became a mum. accessories for me will just consist of my simple earrings (pearls mostly, in different shades which i've procured long before i became a mother, a yellow, shell-like one which my kumareng (that's a godmother of my son in our vernacular) jannai gave me several christmases ago, some button-like thingies and star and heart shaped ones, and my lovely green dangling i got as a christmas present from my friend, jackie), a bunch of bangles (the breakable once which i bought for cheap in the guadalupe tiangge ages ago and which i can't wear a lot, especially when i go out with my son), this lovely bracelet (made of charms and swarovski, in purple, which i had when i was pregnant), my watch (which reminds me - i had to go to the nearest timex branch to order for a new bracelet so i can replace the broken one and wear it again) and that's about complete my arsenal! yup, i admit i am not your girlie type of girl really, i am only girlie to a certain extent!lol!

for apparels, same thing. i cannot recall the last time i bought myself new stuff, well, save for shorts and the pedal pushers which daddy egged me to buy a few months back from the giordano depot in shell of asia. i would probably buy one (a shirt or any top to much any of my son's christmas attire - so we can go out in terno!hehe!)

there goes my entry for this week's Girls Talk, what's up so i can read and leave you a comment...

happy shopping gals!


  1. same here, i'm not into accessories. i'm just plain ol' me when i go out. :)

    thanks for dropping by! i followed you - hope you can follow back :)

  2. well.. maybe your interest lies somewhere else and not in the usual girlie stuff, lol!

  3. Oh I love to accessorize. Yesterday I bought this pear earrings and I so love it :)

  4. BEfore, I don't like to accessorize coz my Mama warns me that we are not rich, why would I accessorize even though they're fake. But now, even though I'm not rich, I'm making my own and I love to accessorize.

    My Girls talk post

  5. hey, you're not the only one. seems like most girl talkers who are also moms have shed off their accessories since giving birth. must be a phenomenon. LOL :)


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