Thursday, February 03, 2011

a blogger's checklist

i've been a subscriber of daniel scocco for sometime now, and i've been learning a lot from his posts and here is yet another tip and trick i would like to share with you, especially the newbies (just like myself) in blogging. we have quite a lot to learn along the way, and thanks to sites like DailyBlogTips, loads of information and helpful tips are available to us online and free of charge!
read the entire article here.

i particularly need to remind myself of tip #5, i almost always end up publishing my post with a wrong spelling because i failed to proofread it twice (since i will always overlook something the first time i read it)

so the next time you click "publish" make sure you've ticked all these hints for a publish-perfect post. hope it helps!

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  1. I love your blog text sis, cool!

    I'm visiting thru The Bloggers Exchange. Thanks and Have a nice day!


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