Monday, March 07, 2011

february top 10 commentators

as we welcome the scorching (but to most of our surprise, rainy + drizzling!) summer month of march, allow me to doff my hats to these lovelies who visited + left equally lovely comments this corner, the most, as a simple token i shall be posting the badges of the top five on my sidebar! thanks for your time + hopefully will be hearing from you more in the future, my top 10 february commenters are:

  1. Mama Mia (4)
  2. air (4)
  3. Con Artist Trickster (4)
  4. sHeNgKaY (3)
  5. Mommy Rubz (3)
  6. kimmy (3)
  7. Lulu Post (3)
  8. Chris (3)
  9. Edsie (3)
  10. Cecile (3)
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    1. Thank you so much!!! God bless you always!!!

    2. thanks for visiting my blog. and wow thanks for recognizing our comments.

    3. I am a new follower. I hope you can visit me at and please do follow back. thanks.

    4. ayay!..thanks for this mommy!
      very much appreciated!..and feels good to be appreciated!
      thanks! thanks!

    5. Oh wow! I never knew! I just comment for I always visit your blog and enjoy reading all your entries. Thanks for the special mention. I've also visited your new blog already. Congrats on getting a domain! :)

      Where's your blog, by the way? Di bale, I think I saw it on your other blog. I'll just grab it from there. I'll let you know once I've posted it on my friends' page :)

    6. Ooops! I saw your badge already. Sorry about that, mommy! :D

      I'll post it on my friends' tab as soon as I finish this comment... (zoom!!!)

    7. Woohoo! I made the list! :)
      Thanks for the acknowledgment, I really appreciate it.

      BTW, it's more than enough for me if you put me in the blogroll. (For my badge, you can take the one I use on my Entreard.) Thank you very much for this.

    8. thank you so much for the link :-)!


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