Sunday, March 06, 2011

goodbye february + hello summer!

i can't believe how time really flies, february is long gone and we are ushering the month of march already! hooray for summer! fun activities, sun + swimming! now, if only i can fit into my old bathing suit (drat, i've earn a couple of pounds + additional flab here and there, there is just no way i'd fit into it again!).
what i'm looking forward this month:
  • we're planning a swimming activity for the family so that is something i am excited about. it'll be the first time for jared to swim + i have yet to find him a cute swim wear? any ideas?   
  • i've just started with my new blog, mum writes, in wordpress with my own domain + self-hosting! it's random sahm's musings so expect more mom stuffs + then some. 
  • i am thinking of creating my own blog meme (since you know how much i adore them + is now addicted) hopefully i'll get to host one for each blog. 
  • i am also contemplating on having my own little giveaway, you know just a simple token of appreciation for you who continuously visit my blog, leave comments + make this blog flourish!
  • my google adsense application is finally approved (after several failed attempts!) for both my blogs. woot! 
  • i've just ordered my first photo book from artscow + am now excitingly waiting for it in the mail (will post about it next)
  • i was tagged twice for the stylish blogger award + will be making 2 post on it so it will be twice the fun + i can tag more mommy bloggers too
  • finally, i am looking forward to new + exciting blogs to read + follow, more awesome giveaways (i've posted one here + another here), more followers + subscribers and a happy blogging experience
so, what are you looking forward to this month?
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  1. Nice blog vix.. Well, just to share with you, I'm looking forward to our 17th anniv this month. Grabe no? Tagal na pala namin.. + My preschooler is graduating this month. I'm very much excited than him I think.. :P


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