Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter!

here's hoping you had a meaningful observation of the lenten season..
happy easter everyone! what activities do you have lined up for today? My mum + i will be going to the mall later to join in with some easter festivities. whatever you have planned, bear in mind that easter is a joyful event that each baby ought to share with his mum + dad + the rest of his family! it was a day to commemorate + celebrate jesus + his kindness + selfishness.

happy easter + here's to one memorable celebration! see yah later!


  1. happy Easter to you and your family :)

  2. Happy Easter to you too.. we dont celebrate it here but definitely we'll celebrate it next year in Pinas :)

  3. done adding this to my two blogs check it out here i have followed you. hope you do the same.

  4. hi mommy! hows your weekend?
    I have something for you HERE mommy.Have a nice day!

  5. Happy Monday!

    Visiting from TBE!

    Jheng :D

  6. Happy Easter too! It is late but it really feels good after the Easter. visiting tru TBE also

  7. Belated easter celebration .. Visiting thru TBE


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