Saturday, April 23, 2011

weekend blog follower caravan 10

glad to know that weeekend blog follower caravan is back after several weeks' worth of hiatus, am joining again with this corner + is so excited!

if you are new in this site, welcome + i hope you enjoy what little time you spend browsing through our simple lives + daily misadventures in this little corner. i love reading comments (+ yes, i do try the hardest to respond to all of them, either thru here, or by going to their respective sites) so i do hope you leave some for me to read + moderate, + if it wasn't too much, my google friend connect widget is just somewhere there in my sidebar + do give this mum a favor by following. i will be sure to follow + stalk you back (no, that isn't a threat, so don't be scared ;))

wbfc is a weekly blogger-helping-other-bloggers weekly meme design for bloggers to help out each other gain blog followers, either thru google friend connect or e-mail subscription. 

more caravan entries? just click on the badge + enjoy!


  1. Followed using “Pinay Mommy Online” at Google Friend Connect.

    Please follow me back at:

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Followed using "WBFC Admin" at Google Friend Connect.

    Thanks for joining! Hope to see you again next week! ;)

  3. hi mommy! visited and followed you here.. God bless!

  4. Hi Vix! How r u and Jared. I am now following you through WBFC.

    M.O.M is my official Mommy blog.

  5. I'm ur newest follower here mommy...hope ul do the same...

  6. Hi there Vix, following you now through WBFC #10

    See you around, sweet nyo nmn ng baby Jared you.

  7. following here through the blo caravan..see yah:)at

  8. hi, mommy vix ! followed you from this week's WBFC...
    hope you can follow back at Life As A WAHM

  9. following you through WBFC.. hope you could visit and follow my blog too.. :)

  10. Been here from WBFC #10, mine is up at @Entry No. 21

    I am already your long time GFC Follower, hope you can also follow me back...Have a blessed week ahead!!!

  11. Hi,
    Followed as WBFC participant.
    Entry # 34:

  12. Hey Jared's mum! I0d like to participate but wasn't clear to me exactly how to... please excuse my naivete... still a newbie blogger here especially in terms of connecting to other bloggers :) Looking forward to your response! Thanks!

  13. Good day dear! Following you via GFC. Sorry for the delayed visit. :)


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