Friday, May 06, 2011

messy-go-round 01: jammin' with papayas

ma, papaya isn't really my thing!
messy me!yep, this photo shows exactly that i can be one if i really want to. 

this was taken when i was 7 months old + was sampling some mashed papaya which mum made for me. i didn't really liked it much then, i didn't even finish my first helpings + most of it ended, well, yeah it's pretty easy to guess, on my chubby cheeks! i guess my love-hate relationship with food started by then. see i've never been keen on eating solids until now. maybe in due time i would, but for now am absolutely enjoying my "dood" (baby talk for feeding bottle or milk)!

this is the first time mum + i are joining messy-go-round + i'm looking forward to doing more next time. don't forget to check out other messy babies here:


  1. Cute p din kahit messy! :D

    Sis, I've transferred my blog and I carried your badge and link with me ^_^ I'd appreciate it if you can change my badge (new code). Thanks! -Mirage

  2. Bakit ganun? He's messy but still looks neat?

    Stay cute Jared!


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