Monday, May 30, 2011

mommy + me monday: + mum steals a kiss!

since i shared my very first kiddie fun ride experience a little while back, i want to share a couple of more photos we had back then. this time it was a photo of me + mum, whilst we line up for the queue to the funranch express. this snapshot was taken by my tita cecille.

the wait for the train ride took a while so we took the chance to snap some photos + mum even managed to sneak in + still a kiss from me. please don't mind my hair, especially my bangs, it was one of those few occasions when mum is in the mood for another diy cut-my-baby's-hair episodes, this is one of those that obviously went bad! ;)

join others as they share precious mummy + me photos today, simply click on the badge! happy monday everyone! ;)

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?


  1. Awww.... Don't worry Jared. You'll get used to your mommy stealing kisses from you. ;) And don't worry about the hair, it'll grow back. ^_^

  2. Sneaky mommy! They always steal the kisses!


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