Monday, May 30, 2011

kids in doodles: my very first merry-go-round

today i am sharing with you the first time mum  + went to funranch. mum has written about it in details here. this is also the first time i ride the merry-go-round and the ferris wheel. i was a bit scared at first but enjoyed it anyway. i was riding with mum since i am still a bit young to be riding on my own. apart from these rides, we have also tried riding the train (the funranch express) + crossing the hanging bridge. we would have tried the other rides too, but i was getting a little late + we need to go home. maybe some other time, i wil ask mum to bring me there again. i will be sure to sample each of the rides they have ;)

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  1. a very colorful ride, hope you enjoyed it well! I'm too afraid of ferris wheels! ^_^

  2. You are such a big and brave boy!

    Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles

  3. looks you enjoy the rides baby

    mine is up

  4. cute and tabachoy baby mo sis..hehe. visiting from KID, mine is up:)

  5. You;re brave to have tried ferris wheel at your age! :)

  6. You are one brave boy. My daughter likes the idea of riding them rides but when she's on it, she starts bawling her eyes out.

    My KID entry: Little Tot + Nintendo DS Lite

  7. looks like you had a lot of fun! jared you are such a darling! :) cutee.... thanks for the visit sis!

  8. he is one brave little boy! visiting your KID entry! hope you can visit mine too! thanks!

  9. aws.. that's cute..

    Late Visit from KID At The Back Seat

  10. Hi baby Jared! I'm so sure that you enjoyed your day-out! Next time, lagi mo ng yayain si mommy nyan :D

    My K.I.D entry is up here. Hope you can visit me too!


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